Reviving an old Craft Favorite

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Recently I decided to take up cross-stitch again. I ordered a few kits online that were full coverage and felt a little overwhelmed. Full coverage….gee will that take me a 100 years to finish. I am not known for finishing these projects.

So I decided to try a small piece to warm up the old skills I use to have

I started with a little pumpkin. Lordy I made so many mistakes. Missed stitches. Stitches going the wrong way, misreading the chart. Lordy when did this get so hard. Or was I just getting old. I can do it, I know I can.

I then did a small piece called “Not all Witches Live in Salem” Sorry I do not have a picture, but you can find a pattern at Etsy from the WitchyStitcher.

I started to get my rhythm back. I did make a mistake but it was minor.

But what I was missing is the joy of stitching with friends. Why oh Why am I surrounded by people who do not do crafts. I need a wider circle of friends.

So I decided to see if I can find a Stitch-a-long (SAL) on Etsy or another place so at least I can join others on a group event.

I found this fun SAL/Book Club from Sapphire Mountain Handicrafts. WHAT!!! a book club and a mystery cross stitch event. I have never read the book but always wanted to, so this was a win-win for me.

I joined a bit late and have had to catch up.

I ended up doing this on linen so it was more old-fashioned. By the way, I do not like linen. It looks great but ugh! So hard to count and keep the linen straight.

Part One was easy. When I took this picture I realized that my phone case was Little Women. I photographed this on some of my Great Grandmothers linens I inherited from my Grandmother.

Part two was hard. The gray house was hard to see. My eyes are old and this was really hard to see. But loved how it turned out.

I keep plugging along when I got bit by another Stitch-a-long.

A Sneak Peek of My Dad’s memory Book

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Sadly my father passed away late 2019 and as the family historian I always make a memory book of my departed relatives. You can check out my Mother’s book on this blog if you have an interest in reviewing it. I am about half way done making the memory book and usually keep it a surprise until the family receive the book.

I really hate to release a sneek peek but decided for the sake of National Scrapbooking Day and the chance to win $100 from Simon Says Stamp I will release this one page of my father in the Navy. I think my brother is the only one who looks at my blog anyways so I think it will remain a mystery to the rest of the family.

For my memory books, I ask the family a series of questions and then take their answers and add it to the book. It usually takes quite a while to create a whole life in pictures, but I consider it a labor of love.

Thank you for taking a peek at my scrapbook page.

Simon Says Stamp January 2021 Card Kit

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Every once in a while SSS will come out with a card kit that just blows me away. Between the papers and the stamps, it quickly ends up in my shopping cart.

The January 2021 card kit was definitely one of those kits. At first I fought the urge and the I started to see the beautiful cards designers were posting. I was sold. Send me that kit please, and hurry.

The Whimsy Stamps papers are so beautiful and when I saw the embossing folder was the clincher. Give me…give me.. give me.

I ended up making 12 cards, using all 12 papers. I could have continued, but since I bought I February Kit (hee hee) I needed to stop.

I started making snowflakes on the pretty background papers. They were either die cut or embossed using the stamp set.

The I used the embossing folder to create texture. Such a pretty embossing folder with beautiful snowflakes.

The I made some shaker cards

The I decided to use the Honey Bee Stamps Thin Frames die so I could see both sides of the paper.

And finally I used the Simon Says Stamp Shimmer Snowflake Die. This was one of my favorites.

This was a good kit, looking forward to the February kit,

Lenox Holiday China Collection for 2020

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I have a nice collection of Lenox Holiday China that I just love. Wish I used it more but I did host a nice Christmas dinner once using my beautiful china.

I tried to get a few pieces each year when they are on sale to add to the overall collection.

I also try to post on my blog so I have a visual reference on what I bought previous years.

This is what I got myself for Christmas 2020

Lenox Christmas Trivit
Lenox Holiday Cheeseboard
Lenox Holiday Carved Napkin Tray
Lenox Christmas Stackable Bowls

I usually buy the new pieces that are released each year.

Autumn Bucket List – I Finished

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So there is only one more item on the list and it was a Watch Party with the girls for a Halloween Movie. Well we ran into a snag, the watch party requires you use a computer and not a phone or laptop.

One of the girls, Kelli did not have a desktop computer. So we are going to wait until we get her rehired at work.

But hard to believe I finished everything on the list! Yahoo! Until next year.

Autumn Bucket List – Cook 5 Autumn Inspired Meals

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There are so many wonderful things to cook during Autumn. From soups, to pastas to yummy meats and autumn veggies. I could have done so much more, but here are the top five.

I am always so excited to pay fun shaped pasta but usually have no clue what to do with it. Aldi has released so many fun things for Autumn and I could not resist the Halloween pasta.

So I found a great recipe on Pinterest to make a Easy Taco Pasta Salad. With corn and cheese and sour cream plus taco seasoning to name a few this was a great dish. It is probably better for a summer pool party but was very good and very autumn inspired with the cute Halloween shapes.

Aldi also makes the cutest themed pizzas. Here is their Jack O’Lantern pizza.

I was surpised it was pretty good. I was anticipating some cardboard taste but the sauce was good and it was a quick Friday night meal.

Continuing the Aldi theme, I tried their One Pot Sauce – Beef Stroganoff. I also tried thier Chicken Pot Pie one. This was vary flavorful and I would probably buy again next season.

Made some noodles and a dolap of sour cream and I was having a nice autumn themed meal.

I had bought this Gilbert Fig & Feta chicken Sausage from Target and it seemed so autumn like. At Aldi was the Butternut Squash Blend.

Wow-za! What a great meal. I am not sure what they put in that butternut squash Blend but it was so flavorful and was the most “Autumn” inspired meal of the season.

Can you tell I have a thing for Aldi. The next meal was an Aldi Priano Bolognese Pasta Bake. The weird thing is they never tell you what size pan to use so next time I will do a 8×8 dish, but don’t get me wrong, this was really good. Some hamburger meat and parmensan cheese and this is a winner. I would definitly buy this again.

I am sure I did a few more meals but these were the 5 that I planned.

All were great meals, and thank you Aldi for the great inspiration.

Autumn Bucket List – Finish Autumn Scarf

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So last year I started this somewhat simple scarf, and of course, did not finish it. I figured since I am working from home I can crochet during long boring meetings. And boy that was the trick, I finished the scarf and it is so warm and comfy.

I found the pattern on Pinterest and the lovely designer put the pattern on Raverly for free but I think she charges now, but well worth it for this awesome pattern. I would recommend it for a first time crocheter as it was fast and easy. That is if you have long conference calls. LOL

Click on the photo below to get to Raverly for the pattern.

The only real issue I had, was that both ends of the skein was the same color. I had quite a struggle trying to get a different color in one of the strands. But I did ok, except I wish the tassels had more dark colors in them but otherwise I love it.

The Mandala yarn is awesome and has such beautiful colors. I was able to find this at Wal-mart for a great price. I know you can order from Michaels and I think Joanns carries it also.

Since you use three strands to crochet the pattern, it really does go fast.

Autumn Bucket List – Make Hearty Soup in Crockpot

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Finding a recipe was a bit of a challenge. I scoured Pinterest until I found something easy and interesting. I really did not want to make a big deal out of some soup.

So I ended up making potato cheese soup that you make from hashbrowns.

It took forever but the soup was good. However it is MUCH easier to open a can. LOL. Seriously there are so many great canned soups out there. And considering I live by myself, there was way too much soup. But I did check it off my bucket list.

Being it took a whole pound of bacon, this is a tad bit expensive to make. But it would be awesome if you had guests and some warm hot bread.

Autumn Bucket List – Autumn Quilt

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I just wanted to finish posting my autumn lists. I ran into Christmas and it snowballed from there. So even though it is January, I want to finish up posting my autumn bucket list items.

I enjoy changing my bedding to match the season. It helps set the mood when you are stuck inside the house thru the whole season.

I ended up throwing on a couple of autumn colored (mustard gold) throws as the season got colder. God I love this season. You sun people can keep your blazing hot sun and sweat. I will take a cuddle in my warm blankets any day.

Autumn Bucket List – Fall Foliage

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This year it was a bit difficult to find fall foliage. First of all we really do not have season and secondly, with Covid I am not really driving around out there. Currently we are in the purple stage which is very restrictive.

But I did take some pictures from my car and by my house.

This street has beautiful autumn trees on both sides. I am always in awe when I see the full autumnal colors.

This was right around the corner from the house. Look at all the leaves on the lawn.

This tree is in my front yard by the side of the driveway. I love all the yellow/gold colors. Considering this poor tree almost died, I love that it has come back beautifully.

From my driveway I can see this beautiful tree down the street. Not only is it a large tree, it is in full autumn bloom.

I have always wanted to live somewhere with a real autumn. I see pictures of back east and feel a sense of great satisfaction looking at them. I try to imagine walking down a lane with a carpet of leaves, pumpkins on porches and a brisk autumn breeze.