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Craftsy Block of the Month

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You know the old story that your hair dresser knows it all….well I guess she does. I told her that I admired her funky furniture and she said she got it cheap from Craigs List. Since I wanted a new entry hall sideboard table we checked it out. Nice stuff, great price…. I have to keep my eye out for great deals…..some great examples of the fun stuff out there….. not quite perfect, but keeping my eye out for the good stuff!!!

My Niece Hannah

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I wanted to play around on Photo Shop Elements today. So I created this page of my niece Hannah. She is so pretty and photogenic.

Art Journal Caravan – Week 2 (Weekly Based Journal Calendar)

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I decided for week 2 that I would not actually make a calendar, but play with the fact that time is so fleeting for me that there is no point in having a calendar.   I rarely put pictures of me in my art work, but I decided I would be the Time Fairy on this layout.

Art Journal Caravan – Week 1 (Choose one Word)

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Here we are.  Week one.   The theme, choose one word.   Similar to Ali Edwards, I wanted to focus on one word for the year.  The one thing that was nagging at me is that I rarely seem to finish any of my projects.   So I decided that the word should be “ACHIEVE”.   This word means a lot to me as I hope to finish this year long project, as well as all the other projects I have around my craft room.

Art Journal Caravan – 52 weeks of exploration

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I always bite off more than I can chew…  always…

I joined a fun new weekly inspiration class called “Art Journal Caravan” hosted by  www.Scrapbookgraphics.com and Tangie Baxter.  It is a weekly explorationof new kits and ideas embracing Art Journaling.  I have always admired Art Journals but feel I am tooo….hmmm… structured to really excel in this medium.   So lets throw off the shackles and try Art Journaling.  At least for a year!!

The Birth of Shiny Tin Foil

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This blog is a long time coming.  I have always wanted a blog to post my creative endeavors and my general babbling.   But the name was stumping me.   I searched for the perfect name for over a year.   Since my last name is Wade, the idea of “Wade a Minute” was kicked around.   Sadly someone else nabbed that name.   Shoot!   No obvious name popped in my head…. but deep in the recesses of my brain the name “Shiny Tin Foil” kept popping up.   You see, when I was a young woman I used to laugh about the fact that I would pick shiny tin foil out of the trash when I am an old woman.  I love shiny baubles and other things and automatically go for the bling.   But when I added the statement “Picking the shiny things out of the trash of life” I knew I had my blog name.

So to all my friends and family who will painfully read my blog, I will try to limit it to just the pretty shiny baubles of life that interest us all!!!!   Happy Reading!