Postcrossing – More cards have arrived

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Well I admit this is fun. I love when I find a card in the mail…so much better than bills or advertisements.

From Wuppertal, Germany

Arne mailed this from Wuppertal Germany near Colonge. He lives there with his family. He is a writer and hopes to one day be famous. He loves to read and write and even his children are both postcrossers. Maybe one day I will get a postcard from them.

Wuppertal is a city in western Germany. It’s known for its Schwebebahn, a suspension monorail dating from 1901. He was kind enough to send me a post card of their famous monorail.

It is also called the floating tram. Here is another picture of the tram but over the river. I would love to see this one day, if not, at least I get to see it via post card.

The Floating Tram
From the United Kingdom

Julie from the United Kingdom, Paignton on the South of England sent me this cute Coffee card. It is known for its pier, zoo and pudding riots. What the heck is a pudding riot!!!

Where Paignton is located.

So I did a little research, the pudding riots
(Story taken from

One summer’s day in 1859, in the idyllic town of Paignton which sits on the coast of the little toe like bit of England to the south a party of 850 locals and 300 railway workers gathered in Paignton for a feast to celebrate the extension of a line… Big on puddings, the locals made a Spotted Dick, that was 5ft tall, 13ft wide and weighed 1.5 tonnes.

Big on puddings, the locals made a Spotted Dick, that was 5ft tall, 13ft wide and weighed 1.5 tonnes to celebrate. A further 18,000 spectators turned out, and to keep those chaps entertained, 1,900 lbs of meat and bread and an unlimtied supply of the local Devonshire cider was provided

After a copious consumption of cider, these 18,000 or so guests decided it was a good idea to get the peace of the action …the people on the outside began to clamour for shares and, breaking down the fence, started forward to help themselves. The committee, worried by this turn of events, surrounded their charge and called on the five policemen present to assist them. The invited guests, feeling that they were being deprived of their rights, moved into the fray and in a moment committee, police, pudding and public were in one seething mass on the ground. By the time order was restored not a morsel of that delicious pudding remained…

From Arkansas, United States

The cute weinerdog card came from Arlett from Arkansas, United States.

I was her very first post card from Postcrossing! She has always wanted to visit California. She loves dogs and food! I think I like her.

From Taipei, Taiwan

This post card comes from Selina from Taipei, Taiwan. She loves photography and this card is actually one of her photos. She is entering collage in September and has always wanted a cat (her mom wont let her have one).

Her favorite drink is Bubble Milk Tea, which is quite yummy

She seems like a sweet young lady. I wish her the best in College.

From Australia

This was my first card from Australia. Irene loves to read. She has told me that the peoples poet of Australia is Henry Lawson. I have never heard of him, I need to check out his writing.

She also reads a lot, and collects framed paintings. She is a proud mama and “travels” thru all the post cards she gets thru Postcrossing.

From Russian girl who is in Peru

This cute Postcrossing post card came from Angelina from St Petersburg Russia. She just happens to be traveling in Peru and sent me this postcard.

She says if she could travel back in time she would like to go to ancient Greece. Too bad she did not tell me why.

Cryfest 2013

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OK, had to watch the superbowl to see all the modern day warriors do their thing!  But what really impacted me was the commercial about the Clydesdale and the relationship with the farmer….   cried my eyes out.





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Playing with PDF files

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OK, I am trying to see if I can upload PDF files to my blog to see if I can make tutorials that can be printed.

How To Tutorial Sample

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Craftsy Block of the Month

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You know the old story that your hair dresser knows it all….well I guess she does. I told her that I admired her funky furniture and she said she got it cheap from Craigs List. Since I wanted a new entry hall sideboard table we checked it out. Nice stuff, great price…. I have to keep my eye out for great deals…..some great examples of the fun stuff out there….. not quite perfect, but keeping my eye out for the good stuff!!!

My Niece Hannah

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I wanted to play around on Photo Shop Elements today. So I created this page of my niece Hannah. She is so pretty and photogenic.

Art Journal Caravan – Week 2 (Weekly Based Journal Calendar)

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I decided for week 2 that I would not actually make a calendar, but play with the fact that time is so fleeting for me that there is no point in having a calendar.   I rarely put pictures of me in my art work, but I decided I would be the Time Fairy on this layout.

Art Journal Caravan – Week 1 (Choose one Word)

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Here we are.  Week one.   The theme, choose one word.   Similar to Ali Edwards, I wanted to focus on one word for the year.  The one thing that was nagging at me is that I rarely seem to finish any of my projects.   So I decided that the word should be “ACHIEVE”.   This word means a lot to me as I hope to finish this year long project, as well as all the other projects I have around my craft room.

Art Journal Caravan – 52 weeks of exploration

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I always bite off more than I can chew…  always…

I joined a fun new weekly inspiration class called “Art Journal Caravan” hosted by and Tangie Baxter.  It is a weekly explorationof new kits and ideas embracing Art Journaling.  I have always admired Art Journals but feel I am tooo….hmmm… structured to really excel in this medium.   So lets throw off the shackles and try Art Journaling.  At least for a year!!