Oh the Moon

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Last night in bed, I glanced out the window and saw a beautiful moon. Not quite a full moon but a bright, large moon, glowing low in the sky.

I normally cannot see the moon from my bedroom window except certain times a year.

Every once in a while I see a moon that appears incredibly large, all orange and aglow. It always leaves me in awe on the wonder of it all.

There is such magic at night. The night critters strolling around looking for their evening meal, the occasional night bird or Owl letting us know they are watching. Looking up in the sky to see the wonderful stars.

I often think of my father when looking at the sky. My Father worked at JPL and often brought to me pictures of the night sky from NASA. Once when I was about 16 years old we went out to the desert in Lancaster to watch the Perseid meteor shower on an August night Lying on a cot looking up at the sky seeing meteors shooting across the sky, trying hard not to miss the occasional streak of light. I recall asking my Father what that cloudy, misty smear was in the sky, He looked at me like I was a dope telling me it was the Milky Way. Hard to believe that I had never seen the Milky Way before. Living in the city, where dark rarely takes over, I had never actually seen our Galaxy before.

What a delight.

I used to know some of the constellations but not any more. I do still search for the Big Dipper when I am out in the dark. It does provide comfort that it is still there. In a world that rapidly changes seeing this constant star in the sky is calming. Yup, it is still there.

THE MOON by Robert Louis Stevenson

The moon has a face like the clock in the hall;
She shines on thieves on the garden wall,
On streets and fields and harbour quays,
And birdies asleep in the forks of the trees.

The squalling cat and the squeaking mouse,
The howling dog by the door of the house,
The bat that lies in bed at noon,
All love to be out by the light of the moon.

But all of the things that belong to the day
Cuddle to sleep to be out of her way;
And flowers and children close their eyes
Till up in the morning the sun shall arise

Perhaps tonight I will see my old friend the moon again.

Sleep tight everyone.

Oh Spring…where are thee?

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It seems this year Winter has been dragging its feet. Here we are mid April and we still have random rain storms and cold spells. Today was a nice, warmish day, but I am not convinced that Spring is here.

I do see some of the trees in the neighborhood are starting to bloom, so maybe it is being shy. Let’s bring on Spring by posting some beautiful Spring pictures.

I like to think of Spring as green gardens with blooming flowers. Sitting outside reading a book and wearing a feminine flouncy dress with a light cardigan on a picnic quilt, maybe a puppy or kitty playing in the grass. All things new and fresh. The scent of flowers filling the air.

Somehow Spring does make me want to sip some delicious Spring tea blends, dainty cups on lace doilies. Of course there would be baskets filled with warm muffins or scones next to crystal glasses and china plates. I long to have a set of mismatched plates and tea cups for such an occasion. Makes me want to pull out my Mothers vintage snack sets which were so popular in the 40’s-60’s. I do not recall the pattern I have as it has been a few years but this looks familiar. I think I have a few different sets.

My puppies are not blog/instagram stars and so I post this random cute puppy. I did find a photo of Penny enjoying the spring grass.

Just a little words of Spring to bring in the season.

Thanks for viewing my blog. Happy Spring.

Bucket List – Decorate Front Porch

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For part of my Autumn/Halloween Bucket List I wanted to show my front porch decorated for Halloween. I am not that good at making movies and should have turned my camera landscape, but whatever. Maybe next time. Lol

Nothing like a little scary ambience to set the scene.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Bucket List -Garden Flags

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Every season I switch out my garden flags in the front yard. I have a small collection of flags that I have purchased over the years. I usually get one or two new ones from Joanne’s Fabrics, but I was either too late or they did not have them this year for Halloween. I pulled out two fabric flags from my collection and hung them before decorating the front porch.

Although I cannot decorate like I used to, the flags give a nice touch showing that someone cares.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Autumn is Here! Finally

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It seems to take forever for Autumn to show up in Southern California. Here it is in December and I noticed the neighbors trees had finally turned golden.

Golden Autumn Leaves

When I drive to work I drive down a street that has beautiful trees that turn golden and red with a touch of light green. And for a brief moment I have Autumn. I love the feeling. I tell myself I simply must move somewhere that actually has autumn. And an Autumn that happens in November and not December.

Autumn here only lasts for a few weeks before the trees are bare, and winter is here. On this particular day all the trees had turned golden. I marveled on the drive home how pretty all the trees where. When I parked my car, I looked up and noticed the glory of the golden leaves I just had to capture it, if only to remember Autumn for more than a week.

Autumn Bucket List – Photograph Dogs in Autumn Scarf or Hat

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I watched this video on making little dog scarfs.  I was excited to see something for a small dog.  Most patterns out there were for large dogs, and this pattern was great for Penny and Olive, but she also gave instructions on how to make it larger just on case.


For the written instructions, she also put it out on her blog.



I found some cute yarn at Michael’s Craft Store in Pantene color palettes which intrigued me.   It was enough yarn to make several but I figured the pooched only needed one.

It was quick and easy to make.


I got some props to make it look more autumn.   Since I live in Southern California there is rarely any Autumn scenes naturally.  Work with what you have.


Penny was up first and she has no patience for Mom’s silliness.  Fortunately Penny does follow commands and actually sat there when I told her to.

I know my dog, and I read in her eyes “What did I do wrong Mom”

Nothing Baby….. you are a good girl.

Thanks Mom!  Here is a little tongue action for your camera.

I wish I could be over there, by the grass and look for squirrels.

Not so fast little one.   Must wear the pumpkin hat now.

Ummmm Mom, I dont think this is cool.  My friends will laugh at me.

Penny, you don’t have friends….you bark at every dog you meet.


OK baby, I will let you go……  So where is Olive.

When ever I tell Olive to “stay” she thinks she is in trouble.   She has to look at the sky and avoid eye contact.

La-dee-da….. I don’t see you…..

Olive look at me…..please Olive baby……

You are almost there Olive…. you are not in trouble.


Show us your pretty face and new fancy collar.

Thank you Miss Olive…. you are free to go.

Annual Pool Party 2016

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Yesterday was my annual pool party.   I use to do the annual Christmas party but it was getting so hard for everyone’s schedule.  There were too many activities to do both on my schedule and my family members to pull of the Christmas party in December.

My brother in law was always kidding me, but seriously inviting himself over to swim in my pool.   So I started this tradition.  Dogs and all.

My theme this year was Nautical or more ocean themed, Tropical and Patriotic.  LOL

I had bought new chair cushions that were a blue and green coral because the other cushions were getting a bit flat and out of shape.  Hence the ocean theme,  Since my outdoor tableware was a tropical pattern and it was the 4th of July weekend my theme automatically became the Naut/Trop/Pat theme.

File Jul 04, 2 35 37 PM

To start with Eli (my brothers dog) had to wear his new patriotic bandana.  Little does this dog know that he is going to be exhausted by the end of the evening.  Eli has a fear of the water and thinks it is his personal responsibility to try to save everyone out of the pool.   Get ready Eli, it will be a crazy day.

File Jul 04, 2 37 00 PM

Penny can smell the ribs cooking and is really looking forward to a bone or two.  But she is being very patient.

Penny is a sweet natured Terrier Mix that has a bad habit of nipping at people when the other dog gets excited.   More about the other dog later.

Penny’s DNA is a complete surprise to me.

She is a terrier mix, but I guess she is more of a Chihuahua/Australian Shepherd mix.  Her fur, when long, does look like a Australian Shepherd, and maybe her legs do look like a Chi’s, but I thought she would have more terrier in there.

Penny DNA

Oh well, I digress.

The other pooch at the party is the “Head of Security”, my Maltese Olive.  She barks her head off at any potential stranger. Which can be very annoying.  This in turn gets the other dogs worked up.   Penny then nips, Eli growls.  All this because a little white fluff ball says “This is NOT a DRILL, I repeat, This is NOT a DRILL”  Barkity barkity bark bark BARK BBBBAAAARRRRRKKKKKKKKK.

File Jul 04, 2 35 22 PM

Do not be fooled by her cute dirty little face.   She means all business.

File Jul 04, 2 34 03 PM

Here she is with her Uncle Doug who is trying to get her to behave.  LOL, good luck Doug.

Crazy, fat bellied, dirty face Maltese.   God I love you!

The night before the party I made some cute Ocean themed framed pictures of my appetizers and drink menus.

File Jul 04, 2 37 19 PM

File Jul 04, 2 35 53 PM

I think they are real cute.  I designed the background using Photoshop Elements and used mostly Lorie Davidson images.  I don’t remember the font name but it looked like a Pirate font to me.

File Jul 04, 2 35 07 PM

We put cut flowers into mason jars and added some American Flags.

File Jul 04, 2 36 24 PM

So how do you add a patriotic theme to a tropical dinnerware set?   Just add some star stirrers.  LOL.   Yup it creates the theme just right.

File Jul 04, 2 34 47 PM

Please note the appetizer plates match the fabric of the chairs.   I just loved this octopus I found at Joann Fabrics.  He really made the ocean theme complete.

File Jul 04, 2 33 41 PM

Appetizers made and put out.  Please notice the dog nose on the lower left corner of the picture.  Eli must check everything out.  Especially if he can smell it.

wide party view

Wide shot view.  Notice the large movie screen.  I bought that at Amazon and it is amazing.  It is portable and can easily be put up in 30 minutes or less.  Depending if the helper will let you read the instructions.

You can get it from Amazon HERE.

File Jul 04, 2 33 15 PM

Guests have arrived, my sister kicking back with a Sangria.  You can kinda see the cushions that match the plates.

File Jul 04, 2 32 38 PM

My grand niece Kenzie playing in the pool with Eli.  Eli loved the shooting water.  He was completely drenched by the time the day was over.

Here is a video of Eli playing with Kenzie as she shoots water in the air.

Eli trying to save Kenzie.  This poor dog ran around the pool all day long trying to save us.  He did manage to save a few pool toys.

Santa Clarita Rachel

My beautiful niece took a selfie at the party!

By this time I stopped taking pictures as I was in the pool, eating, talking and enjoying myself.

By nightfall we watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” on the big screen.   We had popcorn and theatre boxed candy.

When it was over it was around 11pm, so everyone went home, tired and happy.

Until next year!!

My 2015 Annual Summer Pool Party!!!!

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Its party time!!!

Pool and Water!!!!!

I planned this wonderful event and we had fun!!!!

The Decorations

Green Sitting area

This is the green corner of my garden.

Chairs and Cushions from Target

Afton Chairs

Bird Pillows

Outdoor Seat Cushions in green

Green Garden Stool by Sam’s Club


orange chairs

This is the orange side of the garden.   Sorry the photo is funky, I was really taking a picture of the garden stool for my sister.  We decided to use a navy blue garden stool instead.  Thank Goodness that SAMS Club had the stools on sale.   Yahoo!!!!  And speaking of clearance, I got the second set of chairs on clearance.  AND I got the last two chairs.  Yahoo!!!!


Coral Afton Chairs by Target

Navy Blue Cushions by Target

Orange striped lumbar cushions by Target

Navy Blue or Orange Garden Stool

Blue Table


I made these seat covers for these chairs.  I used the same material as the big chairs and sofa.  I love these folding tables from Lamps Plus.   I have the navy and the light blue ones.  The candle holders are from Joann Fabrics.

Monterey Table and Chairs in Ocean Blue and Sky Blue






party lights

So I wanted to add some extra things on my patio cover.

In the morning the sun beats down on you that I decided to make an awning to cover the area.  It was a tricky process.  The material was not really wide enough, but the angle was also wonky based on the patio curving.  So I actually make a long strip of fabric and made a rod casing at one end.  I ended up putting a cheapo curtian rod in the end and dropped it onto the rails.  It was fell between the slats and stayed put.  At the other end I looped it over the end rail and then ran it behind a rod that holds the curtains.

I also added some patio lights.   I just attached them to the slats by using a plastic tie cord.  But the cool part was we added the lights to a switch that we can turn it on via remote.

And of course there is the overhead ceiling fan.  Which I love!   A great find at Lowes!

Patio Fan

Remote Light Outlet Switch Set

vintage signs

I had a pile of old vintage signs and I wanted to put them somewhere in the yard.  I finally found this cool bench from IKEA to hang them on.

The only problem with this bench is it is suppose to be anchored to a wall.  I did not want to that so I got creative and my brother helped me add braces to the back.  So now it is real sturdy

The bench opens to store stuff, what I dont know.  But one day I will put something in there.  LOL

IKEA Applaro bench

Vintage style tin signs

Movie Screen

So since I was projecting the movie across the pool, I needed to have a larger screen than I wanted.  But it is pretty awesome.

It is a portable screen that I can take camping, or over to another persons house as well as let friend borrow.  Very easy to put together

Visual Apex ProjectoSCreen144HD Portable Movie Theater Projector Screen



Candles placed in holders  (these are awesome remote color changing timer candles perfect for outdoors)

Games placed out, and appetizer plates are ready.  These plates are cool because they are melamine and look like paper plates.  Very cute.

The mason jar makes a wonderful flower vase, it is from World Market which is AWESOME!!!!


Cards Against Humanity Game

Melamine plates

Mason jar Vase

Outdoor candles


Box of towels just waiting to be used.

Drink Central

Drink central…. Mason jar for margaritas and some Raspberry Lemonade for those who don’t want booze.  Of course I had to use paper straws.  Reminds me of the past.  LOL.

table setting


I actually did not have enough matching plates and stuff so I had to go out and get some new stuff.   LOL  No problem!

Most of it came from World Market but the bowls were from my local Vons Grocery store.  Of course I had mason jars already!!!

Fiji Melamine Plates and Bowls

Green Mason Jars

Hotel Dinnerware


Acrylic Glasses

Penny Toys

I replaced the old outdoor rug with this awesome one from World Market.

Penny, my sweet pooch had to bring her chew toy out for the party

Outdoor Rug from World Market

Music was playing from the speakers that I hung from the patio.  I dont have a picture but believe me.  We listened to 1950’s tunes from Amazon Prime (love Prime and the free stuff you can get)

Wireless Speakers

To hang all this fun stuff from my patio (curtain rods, speakers, ceiling fan, solar lights) I use these AWESOME hooks.  Nobody has these, nobody, thankfully this man created these hooks, I love them and use them all over my patio.

Aluma Hangers



We had ribs, cowboy beans, Potato salad, berries and a tart for dessert

potatoe salad

My sister made the potato salad.  My MOM use to make the best potato salad and when we eat this it reminds us of Mom.  Same with the cowboy beans.  A favorite from Mom.

Food on table

We played Cards Against Humanity and laughed and laughed until the food was ready.

Doug at table

My brother laughing and having fun!!

jan and barry at table


My Sister Janice and her husband Barry.  Barry won the game!!!!  You can see th awnings behind the curtain rod from this shot.  As well as the other stuff hanging from the patio.


After dinner we swam and goofed off.  When the sun went down, we watched a movie on the screen.

We watched the Homesman.   What a great movie with Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones.

We had popcorn, and movie snacks.

It was a good party, we all had fun, and the dishes went unwashed until the morning!!!

If you have any questions about my decorating or recipes, please let me know.


My Glass Garden Watering Can

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So spring is in the air, and my head turns towards gardens, outdoors and pretty things placed in my backyard!!!

I had seen on pinterest, many watering cans with jewels coming out of the spout and I wanted to make my own!   I must have been thinking about this for 8 months.  Today I sat down to do it and it only took me less than hour and it was super easy.    8 months planning.  1 hour to make.   LOL, isnt that always the way it happens.


To start with I searched for a watering can.   My neighborhood is Southern California is definitely not a rustic antique, flea market kind of town.  Goodwill charges a fortune for basic junk, and finding any gems is basically impossible.  So I resort to Amazon!   Amazon will find me a watering can.   I first searched for a rustic galvanized watering can but then decided to go with a enamel coated watering can is an assortment of colors.   The trick of this purchase is you could not guarantee which color you would get.   Lucky for me I got the color I wanted, a nice cool aqua.

To find your can, check out Amazon here.

There are 5 delicious candy colors available, but it is random so keep an open mind.  Of course if you live in a wonderful place with fun junk or awesome flea markets go for it!

Make sure you get a watering can that the spout head comes off either by screwing it off, or prying it off with tools.  Just make sure you can get it back on.




I found crystals and acrylic crystals at a variety of places, JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Amazon and Hobby Lobby.  I think they even have beads at Wal-Mart.   I just grabbed beads that were clear or blue (so it looked like water).  I had wanted to have some drop crystals for the end so I actually used some crystals that I had from QVC (Valerie Parr Hill).

I also got some 30 gauge wire.   Definitely can buy that at the places I mentioned above.


I doubled my wire and either did a small bead at the end of the jewell to keep my jewels from falling off


or if the jewels were chained, I just ran the wire thru the top and added more crystals.


I then just created different strands with a variety of jewels.  Some were all clear, some mixed with blue.  What ever tickled my fancy.

I really used no tools except my fingers.  I just placed each bead on the wire and then added another until I was satisfied with the look and length of the strand.


Taking one strand, I inserted into the sprout hole and pushed it thru until it went out the back opening.

I did this with each strand mainly focusing on the inter circle of dots on the spout.  However you can choose to use all the holes or focus on the outside holes with the one middle hole.  Really it is up to you.



I decided to stop at 6 strands because some of my beads were very bulky.  If you are doing many small beads you may want to do more



Once I had all the strands into the spout.   I decided to twist the stands together and tie it into a knot.  Then I twisted some more to tighten up the strands to the base of the spout and then I bent it onto itself to keep it from coming apart.  At this point I forced it back into the spout opening.



Now I twisted the spout head back onto the can

And now I am finished.   Oh my goodness it was so fast and easy.  Have no idea why I dragged my feet so long to make this project.


I had gotten a shepherd hook from JoAnn Fabric for 50% off to hang my can off of.  The weight of the jewels automatically tilted the can so it looked like it was watering.  Cool.



Here I am watering my rock….LOL, only kidding.

This is where my flower plate garden is going.  So far I only have one flower plate, but have the supplies to make several more.






In this pic you can see my lone flower plate.  No I did not make this one.  I bought it off Etsy.   You can also see my solar cattails that glow at night.

As soon as I get my flower plates done, I will share with you the process!


Thanks for looking!!!