Annual Lenox purchases 2022

December 11th, 2022 klwade Posted in Lenox Christmas China No Comments »

Well I think I have purchased every single Lenox Holiday China piece out there as it is getting harder and harder to find a piece to add to my collection. But alas I did find a few pieces

Snowman Treat Dish

This cutie is a smaller plate that is perhaps 8 inches that has some depth. Perfect for a few pieces of candy or smaller food bites such as olives and pickles for the table.

Holiday Candy Dish Cocoa Mug

This is an adorable candy dish. Remove the top for some small treats. I am afraid I might break the lid so I must be very careful. A little under 6 inches it is big enough to hold plenty of treats.

2022 Snowman Figurine

This is the 2nd year getting the annual snowman. I really liked the one from last year and actually had no idea these existed. I guess since I am running out of options on collecting the Holiday pieces for my dining room I will probably focus on the figurines.

Merry Christmas to all collectors out there and may your collection grow yearly.

Adding to my Lenox collection

November 25th, 2021 klwade Posted in Babbling and Observations, Lenox Christmas China No Comments »

Well it is getting close to Christmas and it is almost Black Friday, so I decided to check out Lenox to see if there is anything to add to my Lenox Holiday China Collection.

I guess I must have bought it all (except the reallllllyyyyy expensive pieces) as they was NOTHING on sale that I did not already had. I really must do an inventory of what I have so I can figure out if I am missing anything. I did find a couple of nice to have items that I went ahead and bought for Christmas

I got this little bowl that has a tree that your perch on the edge. It is too small for anything much, but may be good for a dip or some candies. I got the tree and the snowman bowls.

I also got the annual snowman figurine. I really liked this one. The snowman with cocoa and cookies is very cute. I read online that they have been doing these snowman for 12 years. It is the first time I have noticed. I do have some other lenox figurines.

Most of my figurines are stored away in boxes. I wish to display them but have way too much clutter in my house. Maybe after I sell off some crap I will have more room. I have the snowman below. I also have one where all the snowman are having thanksgiving or some sort of party. I also have the monthly snowmen, each in a monthly theme I could only find a picture of the snowman, but you get the idea. These snowmen are made from Lynn Bywaters and are just adorable. They stopped making them in 2019. I prefer these textured type of snowmen versus the smooth china ones they do now. But that is why this are called collectables.

Thanks for taking a peek at my blog.

Lenox Holiday China Collection for 2020

January 3rd, 2021 klwade Posted in Lenox Christmas China No Comments »

I have a nice collection of Lenox Holiday China that I just love. Wish I used it more but I did host a nice Christmas dinner once using my beautiful china.

I tried to get a few pieces each year when they are on sale to add to the overall collection.

I also try to post on my blog so I have a visual reference on what I bought previous years.

This is what I got myself for Christmas 2020

Lenox Christmas Trivit
Lenox Holiday Cheeseboard
Lenox Holiday Carved Napkin Tray
Lenox Christmas Stackable Bowls

I usually buy the new pieces that are released each year.