Autumn Bucket List – Autumn Scented Wallflower

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One of the things that make autumn feel like autumn is the aroma of fall scents. Whether it is rain on leaves, pumpkin spice, apple pie, cinnamon, heavenly smells of breads, soup or casseroles cooking in a warm oven. Fortunately our friends at Bath and Body Works makes it easy by creating “wallflowers” of a variety of autumn scents in fragrance plugs that twist into beautiful night lights.

I decided to add the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles fragrance plug that smells like maple syrup, golden waffles, pumpkin spice and brown sugar. Yummy.

A nice little glow in the kitchen at night with a yummy scent. Welcome Autumn.

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Autumn Bucket List – Hang Autumn Kitchen Towels

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Well nothing like hanging the towels at the very last moment. I just could not get my act together to do this early enough. I hang the towels to give off that autumn vibe which obviously I missed the goal here but heck, we are not done with the season yet.

I generally hang the towels from both the stove and the dish washer.

Although a simple task, it does make the season enter the kitchen in a simple way.

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Bucket List – Get Out Halloween Mugs

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I pulled out my black Rae Dunn mugs for the Halloween season. But I forgot that none of them actually had Halloween words on them. I could never get my hands on any Rae Dunn halloween mugs 😠. Although the black mugs were nice, it did not meet my criteria of the bucket list. Fortunately when I checked out the Aldi store across town I found these cute mugs.

The white pumpkin mug has a matte gray handle and the black witches brew mug is shaped like a cauldron. So darn cute. Thanks Aldi for a reasonable priced mug priced at $2.99 each. Now I can drink my witches brew, umm I meant coffee in Halloween fashion.

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Bucket List -Garden Flags

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Every season I switch out my garden flags in the front yard. I have a small collection of flags that I have purchased over the years. I usually get one or two new ones from Joanne’s Fabrics, but I was either too late or they did not have them this year for Halloween. I pulled out two fabric flags from my collection and hung them before decorating the front porch.

Although I cannot decorate like I used to, the flags give a nice touch showing that someone cares.

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Autumn Bucket List – Add Autumn Bedding

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I think I forgot to add this onto the blog.   I posted to Instagram but forgot to post here.

I found this cute little cover from a catalog called Lakeside Collection.

Here is my bed.  It threw a pumpkin decorative pillow on to make it complete.

It is a thin cover but surprising that the print is on both sides and came with the two pillow shams.  A great deal for $35 bucks for a King-Sized item.  The pattern is so cute.  I think it was worth it.

Click on the picture to take your self to the website.


Autumn Bucket List – Decorate Kitchen with Halloween Decor

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So these pics are a tad bit late on the Autumn Bucket list.   I kept forgetting to get those pictures taken.  And being I am trying to pack up the remains of Halloween, right on the heels of packing up the Thanksgiving stuff.  Geez and I slow or what.  Does anyone else have this issue???

I quickly took some pics and called it a day.

This year I was more into Autumn instead of Halloween.  So I was very minimal on the decorating.

I did put out my classic stacked pumpkin ceramic.  I have to admit Michaels knocked it out of the park with this one.  It was inexpensive and so darn cute.

This one goes on the back of my griddle on the stove.   Looks all nice lit up at night.

I do have a new addition, it is the Witches Brew spoon rest.

I got it at Home Goods where wonderful things wait for me to buy them.

I put my  pumpkin salt and pepper shaker out but I dropped something on the little leaf that it sits on.  Need to pull out the crazy glue and fix it.  At least it was a clean break.


I always put own towels on the stove door because it really makes the decoration.

Not to mention also on the door of the dishwasher.

Why not.

And finally the single pumpkin on the counter top.

Not a lot this year, but it was enough to set the mood.

Autumn Bucket List – Making the Gallery Wall and Autumn Quilts/Pillows

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Well I knew I needed to get my rear in gear if I was going to get the galley wall up before Halloween.

Having no idea how to do a gallery wall I checked out Pinterest and Youtube to find inspiration.

I discovered that you need to make templates of the different sized items and with painters tape, you can arrange the items on the wall.

Getting on the step stool and arranging took a little longer than I anticipated.

But low and behold I did it.

I have to admit it looks better in person than in the photos.


You have to forgive the crappy video I made.  I could not glide over smoothly and really you cannot see a darn thing.   But it is what it is.

Hopefully seeing this pictures will make it easier to see.

I tried hard to get the whole wall in one picture.

It did cut off the beware sign, but overall you can see all the signs and you can see the pillows and quilts.

Most items were bought at Joann’s Fabrics.  When it went on a special sale for 60% off I could not resist.

After all Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

The Trick or Treat bat was from Joann’s

The Witch Parking, a nice distress tin sign was from either Michaels or Joann’s.  I cannot remember.

The flying lessons was from Joann’s.  It was hard to find as they ran out.  I found one stuck in another aisle and grabbed it.

The Pumpkin Patch sign was from Michael’s Crafts.


The orange October 31 sign is a Joann’s and I love the little spider handing from the 3.

The x-ray in sections is from Michael’s.

The Something Wicked sign is really heavy with a heavy rope hanger.  I was concerned it might fall off the hooks.  I bought it at Joann’s.

The round circle with a bug imbossed on the front is a Michael’s sale item.


High up on the wall is a witch hat with the phrase “I will get you my pretty”  It also has a spider hanging from the tip of the hat.

Below that is the BEWARE sign from Target.  This sign lights up the room.   It has a solid glow or a mad scientist lab flicker.   I decided It did not want to have a seizure, so I went with the solid light.  LOL.


I also put my Halloween Pillows out on the couch with a few Halloween Quilts.

The pillows are from the 2017 Halloween Target dollar bin.   I am not 100% sure of the velvet BOO! pillow.

The quilt in the back was from Cracker Barrel a few years ago.  It has satin and lace and velvet squares.


This quilt I made 2 years ago from a kit on Connecting Threads.  It was the fist quilt I did some fancy machine quilting.  You cannot see it but I think an older post outlines the things I did.

There is also another Cracker Barrel quilt underneath it.  But it is hard to see.

The pillow is new, it was from Pier One.

These sequin beauties are from Sam’s Club.   I love the glitter and the orange and purple.

Here is a close up.

The beauty of this wall is that I will take the Halloween stuff down and add the autumn ones, then I will do the Christmas ones.

Adding to the Lenox Holiday Collection

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Well it is that time again.

As I showed you last year, I collect the Lenox Holiday collection.   Such beautiful dinnerware for the holidays seasons.  It is sort of an extravagance considering I rarely use it.   However I collected it when I bought my house and pictured myself having lots of holiday parties.  Back then I had money to burn, now I am on a budget.  But this my Christmas gift to my self.  It is black friday so I got all 4 pieces for $100.  Not a bad deal.


This year I bought the 4 hostess gifts that were a great price.

The Lenox Holiday Lazy Susan Tray.

This will be great for appetizers or a cheese platter.

The second item I got was the bread tray.  Obviously to hold bread, either for the table at dinner or some pumpkin bread in the morning.

Up next is the divided dish.   Since I am not 100% sure of the dimensions.  It can either hold olive/pickles.   Or if larger, two side dishes.  Either way, it will look great on the table.


The last piece I got was the chip and dip set.  Some great dip in the middle with some chips.  Or humus and some pita bread.  You could go crazy and do mashed potatoes and gravy.   Nah, but it could be done.

Because I bought 4 items, I got these bowls for free.  I really anticipate them telling me they are sold out.


Posting these on my blog really helps me keep track of the items I have brought previously.


Halloween Decorations – Indoor Edition 2017

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Anyone who knows me, knows I love Halloween.

I love the pumpkins, the witches hats, the costumes, the kids being excited, the candy and of course all the cute decorations.

I usually decorate my house with some goodies I have found at places like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Target and Wal-Mart.   If it has cute Halloween Stuff, I am there.


For my living room I added pillows to my sofa.   Excuse my beaten up sofa, I want a new one but cannot make up my mind if I want two easy chairs or a sofa.

The problem is that I LOVE throw pillows.  If I could have a million of them, I would get them.  So if I get two easy chairs, I am not sure how I use my pillows.  Maybe I should get a love seat and an easy chair.  Because let’s be honest, the pillows trump everything else.


Orange Buffalo Plaid Pillow and Throw – Joann Fabric
Black Boo! Pillow – Joann Fabric
Orange Boo Pillow – Target (dollar bin)
Black Happy Halloween Pillow – Target (dollar bin)

Speaking of the dollar bin,  I am addicted to Targets Bulls eye Play Pen/Dollar Bin.   I find so many great things there.   Of course I watch videos from other bloggers to figure out what is out there.

My sofa is next to the sliding glass door to the back yard.  I have a draped piece over the door so I added the spider lights to the top.  It was so festive.  I first saw these lights on the blogger “Sparklyblonde1”.  I completely overlooked them at the store but when I saw them on her blog I fell in love.   I wish I could find a picture of that they look like, but basically it is a string of light, the spiders are at the end of the string and each spider is a different color.

Multi Color Spider String Light – Target

In my kitchen I usually decorate most.   Besides throw pillows I must have a million dish towels.  My obsession is so bad that my brother-in-law did make a comment on the pile in my kitchen.  Geez, what can I say, better than using drugs, you know!

I did get a brand new stove, fridge and dishwasher.  All in Stainless steel.   Getting them was such an ordeal that I wont bore you with the details.  Here is the stove with my dish towels.

Double Stacked Pumpkin – Michaels
Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker – Amazon
Halloween Dish Towels – Target dollar bin

Target always has the cutest Halloween dish towels in the dollar bin, but get there fast because they always sell out.

In the corner next to the stove is where the sink and the window

I like to get dish drying mats that match the season and of course dish towels that match.   To make the corner more festive I threw in tow Halloween lanterns and a big black skull.

Spider Dish Drying Pad – Amazon
Black Glass Skull – Michaels
Orange and Black Halloween Lanterns with handles – Target (dollar bin)
Dish Towels Spider web and spider on orange background – Wal-Mart (I think, it could have been Target)

The lanterns in the dark….so cute.

Next to the sink is a bar counter.   I do not use it for a bar as I have my sewing machine on the other side.   The problem with houses (in my opinion) is they do not make space for crafts and storage.  Two areas I have an issue with.  However in their defense, my house is only a three bedroom, one room is guest room and the other is my computer/Crafting room, however there is no space for a sewing machine.   Basically I need an entire basement room to hold my craft passion.   Houses in Southern California generally do not have basements except maybe those built-in the early 1900s.   I would love a larger house but it just is not in the cards for me right now.

Because the price of the ceramic pumpkins at Michaels was so good I got all three styles.  The two stack that was on the stove, the single large pumpkin and the pumpkin trio.

On my counter I have two vintage style scales.  I added pumpkins and ghords to the trays to give it more of a harvest look.

Close up of the towels on the dishwasher.   So cute.

The trio pumpkin set is so cute.

And in the dark.  You can see the Halloween light up sign behind the pumpkin.  It is a cute sign that has LED lights by the glass so it lights up and looks all glowy.

I added some mini pumpkins onto the cake platter with some small spider lights

With the lights off you can see the different colors.

Just a little video so you can see the lights changing….

I always print up a freebie printable from Pinterest.  This was a cute little print with a newspaper look in the background.

In the tray that holds my soaps, I added a cute little Halloween print from some of my scrapbook paper.  It also helps keep the area clean from drips and drabs.

I have on my counter a two tier wired basket.  I usually add fun goodies in the basket for adding to the theme.

This was a messy one.  I just could not pull this one together.   It is what it is.


And lastly I have my Halloween candy bowls.    I love the little bowls and it really was part of the Halloween feeling to have candy handy.

All the goodies:

Three Halloween Candy Bowls – Target (dollar bin)
Frank and Mrs. Frank Candle Holders – Bath and Body Works (bought a long time ago)
Plastic Mini Pumpkins – Target
Little Tombstones – Target (dollar bin)
Black Glitter Tree – Target (dollar bin)
Pumpkin Twinkle Lights – Target (dollar bin)
Two Mini Spider Pumpkins – 99 cent store
Spider color changing twinkle lights – Target (dollar bin)
Halloween Color Faux Gems – Hobby Lobby
Ceramic Pumpkins – Michaels
Harvest Sign – Michaels
31 Days of Halloween Light Sign – Joann Fabric
Black and White Kitchen Towels – Target (dollar bin)


Thank you for looking at my Halloween Decor!   I love this time of year!