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September 30th, 2015 klwade Posted in Dog Clothes, Dogs 1 Comment »

So the loveable Eli posed in this jacket I made for Mac The Pitbull.   Mac is doing an auction to get money to help many many many dogs.   Yeah!!!!  We love MAC!!!!

The nice grunt from the Mac Pack said that some people may want to order a coat from me if they do not win the auction.  Or maybe the love the coat but their dog is a different size than XL.  So I am putting this out here so you can order from me directly. The sizes are from XS to XL.   I have a variety of patterns that I put on the back of coats (see some samples below).  I have not set prices as of yet, but it will vary depending on number of thread count on the embroidery, cost of fabric, etc.     I will update this post when I have some additional information.

But in the meantime, here is the adorable Eli showing off the coat.   Please note that Eli is too small for the coat so if your dog is XL it will fit better.

Please leave a comment if you are interested and I will contact you back.  My email is not quite working right.   Yikes.
Dog Coat Front


Dog Coat Side

Dog Coat Overview


Dog Coat Top

Dog Coat Happy



Cool designs I use on coats.  I have a zillion more, but just some ideas to get you creative thinking flowing.











Thank you so much for looking, and even more for supporting Mac the Pitbull in his hard work to save dogs!!!!