December Daily – Days 7 and Day 8

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For the back of the last page I wanted to capture a bunch of pictures of things that remind me of my youth.

Alpha Beta – the grocery store we use to shop at

Bob’s Big Boy – Where everyone went after the High School Football Game, not to mention anytime, was so awesome.  I love Big Boys.  They still have one in Burbank.

S&H Green Stamps and Blue Chip Stamps – I use to fill in those books for fun.

Fedco – I loved Fedco!  It was a membership store that was awesome!   This was way before Cost Co. or Sam’s Club.

Thifty Store – Their ice cream was the best.  I usually got Chocolate Chip.  My Mom would get pistachio.  Sometimes I would get Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  A scoop was about 5-10 cents.

The Helmsman Bakery Truck  – Oh the fresh doughnuts.  Mom would get fresh bread and we would beg for the doughnuts.

Jack in the Box – Nothing like the clown you talk to.   I remember when they blew the clown up.  Nice to know he is back, not not in the box.

memory squares


I had to journal about the family Christmas Stockings.   My Mom made all our stockings from hand.  They were felt with little sequins and images.  Mine was Green.   Mine was also the only one that was backwards.  I was the last kid so I am not sure if it was because Mom was stressed with four kids, or because I am so unique that I just had a different stocking.   I still have the stocking.

For my fur family, I have bought stocking that are needlepoint.  There is NO WAY I would ever finish making one.  Let alone for all the critters.  The only issue is getting new ones for the new critters.  It took me forever to find new ones for the dogs.  But close enough!

DAy 7 Family


Day eight is about crafting traditions.  I love blankets, quilts and afghans.  So I started a tradition of making one for Christmas.  This year I am crocheting a Christmas Ripple Afghan.  I love the colors.  Last year I made a quilt.  So maybe I will switch from year to year.   LOL.  It will take me two years to finish this afghans, I have no time.  Ugh!

Day 8 Traditions

Thanks for looking!

December Daily – Day 5 and Day 6 Cookie Baking Weekend

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Every year my sister and I get together to make candies and cookies.   We switch houses each year, I do even years, she does odd years.  So being 2015, I went to her house.

We usually plan what we will make a few weeks before and we usually try out a new recipe.  Some recipes end up being a classic like our peanut brittle.

As you can see, the fused pocket has some glitter on the cookie header picture.  I found at Beverly’s store thin little wooden snowflakes from Bo Bunny which was perfect for the lower picture.  I had some cute paper that were recipe measurements which matched perfectly.

DAy 5 Cookie Weekend

I decided to add a little pocket between the pages.   I decided to use old advertisement images that I remember from my youth.   My mom use to have in her recipe drawer old pamphlets from the 50’s.   This one really reminds me of Mom.

Better Crocker

I made it into a pocket and added a recipe card inside that listed the different goodies we made that year.

Recipe Card

On the back side was an ad from the Pillsbury Dough Boy.


I love the dough boy, I actually had a plastic dough boy toy that you could push his belly.   Ahh Memories.

On this page I had pictures of my goodies.

Day 6 cookies

Looking at these pictures make me hungry for sweets!   LOL.

December Daily – Day 3 and Day 4

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Day three was the December meeting of my book club.  This year we got together at Ruth’s house to celebrate and do a small gift exchange.  I so enjoy my book club!  I have not read in a while and this club has reawakened my love for reading.

On this page I did a collage of all the books we have read so far and a collage of my book club members.  I am sure as the year goes by we will lose some members and gain some new readers.

For this page, I pulled out some really old Heidi Swapp clear ghost letters and colored them with alcohol inks to spell the word BOOK and stapled onto the Story tag from October Afternoon.

My December 3 journaling card was from In a Creative Bubble.   She makes awesome pocket page cards and brush files.  Her stuff changes all the time, so these may no longer be available, but I am sure she has some other awesome stuff.  This is also where I got the “Traditions” journaling card from yesterdays page.

You can find the link HERE

Day 3 book Club

Before going to Day 4, I added an old memory photograph.

This is a picture of my siblings.   I am the cute little one the right.

It does not snow very often in Southern California, so this must have been a big deal.

Snow Day

This next spread I did because I really, really, really like this paper.  I could not cover it up, I wanted everyone to see the cuteness of this paper.

I decided to add a viewmaster reel to the page to identify my favorite movies I watch at Christmas.   A Christmas is not a Christmas without these movies.

Fav Films overall

Here is a close up of the reel.   I got the reel from Designer Digitals.  You can get it HERE.

fav films close up

I ALWAYS watch Little Women at Christmas, either the 1949 version with June Allyson or the 1994 version with Winona Ryder.

To add something to the back of this page, I needed another blank sort of page, so I added an old photo when my nieces were little.  They are in their thirties now.  Oh how time flies.

small family pic


I decided to take photos of the outside of the house on this day.   Some years I do a lot of decorations, but this year was simple.  Some poinsettias on the porch.  A Wreath on the door.  Greenery from the porch light. And lights wrapped around the big tree in the yard.

Day 4

On the poinsettia pocket I added some clear letters to spell out RED and added some glitter and stars.  I fused the pocket closed with my fuse tool.

red day 4

Thanks for looking!

Daily December – Cover to Day Two

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Daily December

Well I did it.  I actually started and COMPLETED a December Daily.  I tried many, many years ago when Ali first started her December Daily.  I bought her kit, I printed some pictures.  And then I froze.  I tried to emulate her album.  I struggled.  I gave up.

Fast forward many many years later.  I have more confidence in my scrapbooking and my creativity.

I watch Ali’s videos on her blog and found inspiration.  This is my December Daily album for 2016

My theme this year is Old time memories.

The Cover

Since I started this process mid December I discovered that all the pretty albums out there were gone.  The beautiful one from Ali Edwards was gone…gone…gone…

I have discovered that not many folks out there make a 6×8 album.  What the heck.   Come on people….make cute albums….  pretty please.

I did find a Christmas type album on Amazon from Simple Stories.   I noticed on Pinterest that I am not the only one who got this album.   But I have to admit it is cute.

A plain chipboard album cover with Christmas Subway Graffiti on the binding.   And the color is bright red.  Love it.

Simple Stories Claus & Co. Holiday Sn@p! Binder


I started out using Daily Flash pocket holders from October Afternoon as I liked the configuration.  But I was surprised to find out the binder rings do not line up.   Sigh!  Why is everything so hard.   Ugh.   On a side note, the same thing is happening as I try to figure out a planner I want to use.  I love the Webster Pages binder and the Papertry Ink inserts.  No clue if they fit each other.   No clue.   So sad, but I digress!!!

So I covered the album with some October afternoon wood like paper and added a red glittered Believe from Tim Holtz and An oldy but a goodie from Quickutz, the No73 die set.




On the inside front and back panels I used some October Afternoon old advertisement print.

Inside Cover

So let’s get started!

Opening Page

I wanted a statement piece to start out my album.  But I could not find anything to add, so I made my own die cut from the Cricut.   I then added stars and some snow.  Ok, I am sure you said it out loud, “Dang she used too much glitter stuff in that sleeve”.  I know…I know….

Pre page december 2015

You can copy my file for your own use.  It is a PNG file.

december 2015


One the next page I added DAY ONE.

The Song for this Album is White Christmas.  I printed the lyrics on a photo and washi taped it to the page protector.

Day 1 A

When you lift the picture, you can read page one journaling.

DAy 1 B


The glitter does not look too bad at this last page.  LOL.


Because I purchased a few items for cut on my cricut.

You can purchase these cutting files   HERE

I wanted to add some to my book.  The first is a deer head where you can read the words of the following page.  You can see the words from my Intentions page.

Deer Head 1


From the other side you can see the lyrics from the White Christmas picture on Day One.


Deer Head 2

Here is the Intention Page.  I had mentioned that the Intention for this year was old time memories of my childhood and Christmas in the past.  I explain that in detail on this page.




On Pinterest I found a wonderful blogger named Marie from Stitch in Time.  She makes the most incredible pages.  She even designed three cute retro calendars for all us peeps out there who need a calendar for our Daily December.

You can find her blog here


I used the red retro snowman calendar and filled in the important things in December in the calendar.

On the opposite page I did day two.

If you know me, you know it is all about my animals.  I never married and never had children.  So the critters are my little ones.

The dogs got their Christmas collars to wear.   These are from PetSmart, the Martha Stewart line.  She does the cutest collars, especially for Christmas and Halloween.   They go fast in the store so I have to buy them early.



Calendar and Day 2

Here is a close up of the Day Two tag.

DAy 2 close up

Forgive the glare on these pictures, still trying to master the photography.