December Daily – Day 25 and Epilogue

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I started out the day with another cricut cutting file.  I used a soft muted silver paper and added a little deer to embellish the page

Twenty Five Silver Cover

DAy 25 Deer Closeup

I wanted to add some Pet Food ads to my album since Christmas day was really about opening gifts for the animals.

Dog Food

I also added a small page protected with cat food!  I actually remember this ad!

CAt Food

The funny thing about this ad is that Penny LOVES cheese!  I call her my dairy dog because she would sell her soul for cheese or butter.

Dogs Love Cheese

This layout is about us actually opening the gifts on Christmas Day.  Basically all the animals got the goods.  LOL.

DAy 25 Christmas Morning

This cute jacket was for Eli (my brother dog).  Somehow I think I will never see him wear this coat.

Day 25 Dog Clothes and Toys

I really did not like just cutting the album off without some sort of closure.  So I created an cutting file overlay on a bokeh light photo.

Merry Merry Merry

Then I write an Epilogue to wrap up my thoughts.


Thanks for looking!

December Daily – Day 23 and Day 24

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I wanted this day to be about the critters.

I started out with a small photo insert of the dogs and cats.

Dog Outfits Small

The Cats

Cat Angry Small

We were also dog sitting a dog we placed from the rescue.  Little Lily which we called Monkey.

Lily has this cute little face that reminded us of the monkeys in Wizard of Oz.  Horrible to say, but she really does.   Sweet little Monkey!

Day 23 Dogs


This year I wanted to make a collage with the cards I received in the mail.   I get so many pretty cards and I hate to toss them.  I usually make something with the cards.

Day 24 Card Art

I made a circle collection with some of the larger images

Day 24 Circle cards

For the other prints, I created a Christmas tree by cutting out small circles.   I also used some flairs from October Afternoon.

Christmas Card Tree

Thanks for looking!

December Daily – Day 21 and Day 22

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For this day I wanted to capture the weather.  For Southern California we don’t really have seasons.   The only sign that it is winter is the bare trees.  Except on Christmas day we still have some brown leaves.  Once in a blue moon we get snow.  So you never know.

Day 21 Weather


Every year I try to do a puzzle.  I love doing puzzles and try to do them at Christmas time while watching Christmas movies.    My brother picked out this one with cupcakes.  His theory, similar to mine is something where you can tell what the pieces are.

Day 22 puzzle


I wanted to show what Christmas was like when I was a child, and what it looks like when I am all grown up.

I took a transparency that had typewriter fonts on it.  The tree in my Mom’s house was so typical of our tree.  Tinsel carefully laid on each branch.  The tinsel was lead based and heavy.  LOL, the good old days.

Christmas as Child Overlay

This Christmas scene was at my house.  I had not been in the house very long so there was not a lot of clutter there.   LOLOLLLLLOLLL.

All my nieces and nephews are all grown up now.  Time flies.

Christmas as Adult Overlay

Thanks for looking!


December Daily – Day 19 and Day 20

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I guess this year had a lot of flack about Starbucks going with a plain red cup instead of a holiday print.

It was strange, I only saw posts about people saying to “get over it”, but I never saw anything that said anyone had an issue with it.

Personally I could care less.  However I did want a bag to put some stuff in.

Fave pictures

I added the cards that I loved and family letters into my starbucks bag.

Starbucks bag


Tonight we went around to look at the neighborhood lights.  We found a street that had a contest and we saw some pretty impressive decorations.  One house actually had a ski life for small stuffed animals.   They really did a great job.

DAy 19 street lights


I had some images I really liked that I wanted to add to my album.   They make it feel like Christmas.

DAy 20 Christmas Pics


Here is another insert that I made from my Cricut.

The Two Five (Cutting Files)

You can check out the cutting files HERE

I decided to use glitter paper

Joy glitter

On the backside I took some wooded stars from Studio Calico and embossed them in metallics and white embossing powder.  I put a transparency with red dots on the page and glued down the stars.

joy glitter back side

Thanks for looking!

December Daily – Day 17 and Day 18

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Today I went with Mercedes to drop off gifts to the different shelters.  In case you do not know, I do dog rescue with Mercedes and find the critters new homes.

We went to Best Friends in Mission Hills and to the shelter in South Los Angeles.

Day 17 shelters


On the following day I went back to the local shelter in Castaic.   I gave them their gifts and spoke with the head of the shelter.  My brother came with me and when we were done we fed treats to all the dogs.  I was thrilled to see a lot of empty stalls, so there were just a few dogs.  We were able to feed treats three times, by the time we made the third round, the dogs were wagging their tails.   Find your next best friend at a local shelter.


DAy 18 Castaic

Doggie prisoners!!!  Hope they find their forever home soon!!!

Castaic dogs

Thanks for looking!

December Daily – Day 15 and Day 16

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I wanted to show the gift wrapping process.  Ugh, I took a picture of the wrapping paper and nothing else.

Day 15 Wrapping Paper


For the last few years I made my own Christmas cards.  It is always a struggle and I always start too late.   I was going to make another card but the sample card took me over an hour.  Oh No!  It is too much and I do not have enough time.  So I switched to another card I made for a class.

Day 16 Card Making

I made a smaller pocket page and glued my card onto it.  The card used a snow stencil and some different inks to make the trees.  And a heck of a lot of masking.   I like this card.

My Christmas card

The back side of the card.  Keeping with the retro theme.

My Christmas card back

Thanks for looking!

December Daily – Day 13 and Day 14

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I added this Christmas picture of my sister Elaine and myself.  I was probably around 13, but who knows.

The flood pants I am wearing crack me up.   Not to mention the print.  But the award for geek clothes go to my sister in her caftan.

I think the cat was Pinks or Patches.   She blends into the caftan so it is hard to tell.

Be Jolly


Tree decorating day!!!!   I have an artificial tree that has lights that fade and turn colors.  It is so easy to put together.  However I have had other fake trees that looked prettier, but at this ripe old age, easy is best.

The gold burst behind the number 13 is a great set from Do Crafts that is call Glitterations.   It is hard to tell but these are filigree snowflakes and stars.

What I love about using a digital journaling cards is that I can change the colors.  I was able to make the Shine Bright card to be purple like the tree in my picture.  And with my new nifty printer it comes out so nice.  But again I had issues with how much glitter to add to the pocket.

Our Tree Day 13


I wanted to showcase the silly hats I made my dogs wear.   LOL.  Every year.  Olive (the white Maltese) has no issues with outfits.  Penny (the black and white terrier) not so much.  She hates it.  LOL

It is hard to see but the day 14 is on a foiled pattern paper from Heidi Swapp including the snowflake.   I used blue foil to coordinate with the page.

Day 14 Cutie Pie

I wanted to do a clear overlay with words of my Christmas.  I used some transparencies that are for ink jet printers.  I liked how it came out.

Clear Words

Underneath the transparency I used an October Afternoon snow scene.   I added the word JOY using some grey foam thickers.


On the back of this paper I placed another photo from my youth.  A picture of all of us and the family cat Rusty.  If you noticed the outfits, it was the same from the stocking photo.  I loved that little outfit.  My sister had a friend named Mary Lee and she was real petite so she was about my size.  Not to mention that her family was very wealthy. So on occasion I would get hand me downs from Mary Lee.  They were awesome clothes.  This one was a wonderful white dress with a red velvet jacket.  Oh how I loved this dress.  So glad I have a photo of the dress for my memories.

Orange Tree Christmas

Thank you for looking!

December Daily – Toy Pages

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For this post I wanted to share my toy page.  I searched for old Sears wish books to find images for toys that I have received as a child.

I started by making a mini page and used some  7 Gyspies old flash cards to spell out the word TOY.


I sewed it down on a glitter pocket with some ephemera from October Afternoon.  Yes too much glitter again.  Sigh!  When will I learn.

Toy back side

This page has some waterfall pockets with the wish book pages in them.  On the first page was the snowman icee machine. Not sure who got this as a gift, but I played with it for years.

Old Wish Books

This barbie was something I loved.  I would change the color of her hair and her outfit.  I also remember the Mystery Date game.  I would endlessly turn the wheel to see which man I would end up with.  Loved that game.

wishbook 2

I remember playing the Quija Board.  I think it was my sister Elaine’s game but I remember it very well and played with it a lot.  Today, I won’t touch those things.

wishbook 3

I know these pictures are really hard to see so I am also posted it below so you can enjoy!





I did not add this one to my book, but I had an easy bake oven.


The prices crack me up!   Oh the good old days!




December Daily – Day 11 and Day 12

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I usually put out some Christmas decorations in the house.  Most of them are vintage or vintage inspired.  I got some vintage style kitchen towels from World Market (love this store).  I did not decorate much this year, but at least the towels made it out.

On this page I added some cute trim from October Afternoon and some old jewel embellishments from my stash.

Day 11 vintage

Close up of the trim.

Vintage closeup

Oh by the way, around this time my printer took a dump.  I hated that printer.  I went and bought a Canon Pixma MG7720.

It was a more pricey model but it is awesome.  The photos I have printed are clear and beautiful.   I love it.


This was Game Night at a friends house.   I met this friend at my book club and she found out I love board games.  She invited me to game night.  I learned to play Settlers of Catan.

Fun game!  Really enjoyed learning it.  It takes strategy and patience and is a long game.  But fun.  I lost.  LOL.

I made my world famous Chicken Buffalo Dip  (search my blog for the recipe).  Everyone loved it.

Day 12 Game Night

Thanks for looking!


December Daily – Day 9 and Day 10

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I really like this page!   Not sure if it was the soft plaids and wood. or the cute gold dog.

This day was about dropping of some of the candy goodies that I made.

I dropped off to the Castaic Animal Shelter, the Sheriff Station and both Libraries.

They always appreciate the goodies.

To make the gold dog. I used double sided Sticky Tape to cut out a lab dog from a die that I have from Poppy Stamps

Then I put the sticky side on the wood paper and removed the other sticky side and rubbed gold foil on the sticky tape.    I like how he turned out.

Day 9

Here is a close up of the dog.

Day 9 Dog


I wanted to capture my addiction to magazines.  To some they are a mess and a clutter.  To me they are a cheap entertainment.  A magazine can cost around $5.00 and you can read it from cover to cover.  Read it outside.  Read it while waiting in a doctor’s office.  Read them in a hot bath.   Read them at night in bed.   Read them cuddled up with the critters on a cold night.  So much entertainment for hardly any money.    I get inspiration, I get ideas, I love magazines.

At Christmas I usually get cooking mags and decorating magazines.  I get so many ideas.  And when I am done, I toss them.

DAy 10 magazines

On Pinterest there are a lot of inspiration for making your December album.  I saw someone make a vellum photo page and wanted to try.

The difficult part is figuring out what to put behind the picture so it did not look weird.   This was the lesser of many evils.

This was an old Christmas photo of opening gifts on Christmas Day.  My Grandmother is sitting in the back, and my Dad was sitting behind my sister and me.  Obviously I could not be bothered to look up and smile for the camera.

Vellum overlay

Here is the paper behind the vellum.

Vellum overlay 2

On the back of this Christmas Singing paper was a cool black and white print.  I decided to put gold glitter letter stickers on the back to spell out Happy Holidays.  I really like the gold against the black and white.

Happy Holidays

How in the heck did I dent the top of the page.  That dent screams at me.  I guess we all do something like that.

I love the gold wreath on this page.  It is a puffy sticker set that is awesome by My Mind’s Eye Christmas on Market Street.


Thanks for looking!