A Mystery for Halloween

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This year I did not do an autumn bucket list. No pumpkin bread, forgot the Hallmark movies and I did not add my autumn bedding. But I did do a mystery Halloween quilt designed by Primrose Cottage My sister even joined along.

The fabric is called Bad to the Bone by My Mind’s Eye. There was just a few pattern flaws but otherwise came out beautiful and was easy to sew. I sent it off to the quilters so chances are I won’t get it back until after Christmas. I pieced the back because it was not large enough. I think it will come out cute.

I am designing a cute quilt label so when I get it back and add the binding I will give you an update.

Ruby Star Society Summer Quilt Sew-along

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It has been quite a while since I made a full sized quilt. I have this love affair with beautiful fabric. I cannot tolerate anything made with cheap, ugly fabric. Similar to my thoughts on scrapbook paper, life is too short to make ugly things with ugly products. So beautiful fabric it is, and quilting is the game. I decided to do the Ruby Star Society summer 2022 sew-along using the Stay Gold collection from RSS. Beautiful fabric with gold accents. It is a simple quilt only using 5 inch squares but still beautiful.

Starting today we will all start to cut out the fabric. On the hashtag #rsssummersewalong I have seen a nice variety of fabric choices. It will be exciting to see what people choose as their fabrics. I will try to cut it out this week but i am struggling with a major toothache. At least I got an appointment. Hopefully it will be a dim memory soon.

Wish me luck on my quilt a long!

The Family Tree is Growing

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It has been a while since I did a post.   I have been sorely lacking in my blogging skills.   However I have in the pipeline a ton of craft ideas for the upcoming holidays so be prepared to see more.

My Sisters daughter, daughter, is having a daughter.  She will be my Great Grand Niece

Whew!  This makes me a Great Grand Aunt.


I know  it is confusing.

From the baby perspective, I am her Great Grand Aunt.


All of a sudden I feel old.

So this baby, I thought I would do a more easy going quilt that had a warm backing to keep the little one warm.

I found this great fabric on Amazon.

On Amazon there are several people selling Fabric from Art Galley.   They mish mash a bunch of different fabric lines to create great collections.   In fact, some of the folks will even create a collection based on your needs.  So check them out.

However if you really want to see some cool fabric, check out Hawthorne Supply Company.

They do a digital printing process which allows them to do really cool designs from really cool artists.   They also print on jersey knits and canvas.   To check them out, click on their logo below.



I think that is so cool.


Never the less, back to the baby blanket.


I lined the back with some minky soft fabric just perfect for baby’s skin.

Of course the label.   I think I got it a tad bit too close to the binding, but it is what it is.



Thank you checking out my quilt!   It is a labor of love.



It’s Been Forever and the Baby Quilt is done!

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It has been a while, sometimes I forget that I have a blog.  Not that I have any followers, but it is nice to know there is place to put all my ramblings and crafts.

So I just finished the baby quilt for my Great Grand niece.

Now that makes me sound old, but really, the all just stated when they were young….really.

So this new member of the family is my sisters oldest daughters, daughters, daughter.

Or my nieces daughter had a baby.  Which ever helps you figure out the connection.

I decided to make a baby quilt.  I have been quilting more and more and really trying to do free motion quilting.  Basically I am really bad at it, but one has to practice to learn to do this.



This is the little gem.  The middle was a little bland so I added a little bird.

It was still bland so I added the embroidery.    I swear the embroidery took longer than putting the quilt top together.

As you can see I did some stippling in the white area around the bird.

I then added some walking foot work.


Speaking of walking foot, the Craftsy class by Jacquie Gering is awesome.    This is one of my favorite classes and has taught me so much.  Especially since I was afraid to free motion, using the walking foot was less scary.

I added in some swirls and other designs.   But please do not look closely at my work.

and finally I made a special tag

I finally mailed it off today, cannot wait for her to get it.


I also mailed a crochet baby blanket my Mother made.  When she died I found a collection of baby blankets that she made.  I decided to keep them and give them out to my families future generations.  It means so much to know my Mom can still give the baby blankets to the new little ones.


Thanks for checking me out!



My Two Summer Patio Quilts

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My annual swim pool party was quickly approaching and I decided to make two quilts to toss on the chairs in case it got cold.   This year we are having a movie outdoors and I was thinking it might get a bit chilly.

My back yard has shades of blue and some green.



But the wonderful Target got smart and decided to sell some sassy Orange/Coral chairs and accents.   So I added them to the mix and now this fabric from Moda is perfect.


I decided to do a chevron quilt and divide the fabrics in half, making one blue tones and the other one orange.   I did fine on the blue side, but the orange became orange/teal/some blue fabrics.   But it did work out


blue Quilt

Here is the layout for the blue quilt.  I wish I had a larger table.


orange quilt


Here is the orange one completed.  as you can see, there is some blue pieces in it.   oh well.


Finished Quilt


The completed quilts.  I decided to do the quilting in a wavy ocean sort of pattern.  I took an awesome class from Craftsy.com that was quilting by using your walking foot.   It was super easy and I loved how it came out.


up close of quilt


Chair with Quilt Blue


Here it is on the chair.   I redid the chair pads with this awesome blue print from joann.com (HGTV print) and the pillow came from Target.   Love how it all ties in together.

Just so you know, here is the ugly fabric on my chair before I redid the cushions.



Short of prepping for the party, the quilts were done and now off to decorate!!!


Catching up on Vintage Farm Girl Quilt a Long

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Yikes, was I ever so behind on my quilting.  I had my annual Summer Pool Splash Party and I got so behind.  I sewed two quilts to use on the patio and that took all my time, plus decorating, making pillows, getting a movie screen, etc.   Good time had by all, but heck I am so behind.   So here is a crash update on my Vintage Farm Girl Quilt Squares!!!!





Baking Day Block

 I really like this, maybe because it was cute bowls!!!  Any block that is fruit or veggies or kitchen ware is a favorite of mine.
The Next Block is….


Butter Churn Block


I love canning jars.  I have a serious addiction to canning jars.  I was in heaven when they came out in blue, green and purple.  So many uses for canning jars.  Including canning.  And yes I have canned some jam before.  And it was pretty tasty, but mostly my jars hold stuff around the house.


Canning Season Block

The Next Block is….


Chicken Foot Block



Churn Dash Block

I have never churned butter before.  Maybe I need to add it onto my bucket list.


Cool Threads Block

This one is cute.   Maybe because I sew a lot!!!


Here is the next one!!!!

Corn and Tomatoes Block copy

Corn and Tomatoes Block

I really liked this block, easy and cute!




Continuing onto this block

Country Crossroads Block copy

Country Crossroads Block

Not so sure about the pale pink color, but once the quilt is put together it will be fine.



This one was a sewing disaster


Crops Block copy

Crops Bloc+

I kept sewing this one backwards, had to rip out several of these pieces.  Maybe I was tired, maybe because I cannot grow a thing to save my life.  LOL

Egg Basket Block copy

Egg Basket Block

I think this one is real cute!

Farm Fresh Flower Block copy

Farm Fresh Flower Block



Farmhouse Block

Farmhouse Block

I liked this one…

Feed and Seed Block copy

Feed and Seed Block

I still need to sew on the seeds…but you get the gist of it.

Fresh Pears Block copy

Fresh Pears Block

I really like this one.

Furrows Block copy

Furrows Block

My favorite so far…love Gingham….

Gingham Block copy

Gingham Block



Farm Girl Fridays – A Bee in My Bonnet Sew Along

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I love Lori Holt, her fabric, her designs.   Nothing is more wonderful that quilts, sewing, farm girls, fresh veggies from the garden and all things wholesome and good.

My family comes from a long line of farmers.  Hard working farmers who survived from digging in the ground and planting seeds.


Charles Ray 1930



My Great Grandfather Charles Ray in 1930 on his farm.  This was probably Missouri but I do not know for sure


Lyle Ray 1931


Lyle Ray, my Great Uncle (son of Charles Ray) in 1931

Martha and Delbert Whitten


Delbert and Martha (Blackwelder) Whitten, My Great Great Grandparents!  Probably in Wichita Kansas.

In fact my farming roots go way back to the early history of America.   However something went amiss in my genetic code, I cannot grow a thing to save my life.  My Grandmother could take a stick and put it in dirt and grow a plant.  I kill cactus.   Just a fact.   To make up for it, I love the concept of farming.   So I guess I will quilt, sew, make jam, cook and be a wanna be!

So back to the sew along.

I checked out Lori’s Blog and was thrilled to see a new sew a long was happening as well as a new book.   AWESOME!!!  Perfect timing




Her awesome book…look at all that quilting yumminess!!!

Luckily I was able to get her fabric bundle.

Fabric Bin

I  got her fabric bundle, plus I decided to pull a variety of charm packs of 1930’ish type fabric.

Extra Fabric cut


Of course I keep finding little charm packs here and there in my stash, so more will be added.   The wonderful thing with a charm pack is the size is perfect for these smaller blocks

But on to the quilting.

The first one is APRONSTRINGS

Apron Springs

My 2nd one is AUTUMN STAR



My third square is BABY CHICK



Off to make the new quilt squares!!!!

Fabric Choosen!!!!

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I decided to make my Block of the Month with October Afternoon Farm Fresh Fabrics.


For anyone who knows me…I love pictures of fruit, veggies  country plaids and animals.  This fabric has it all.  I decided for the solid background to go for Kona Fabric “Mocha”.  A nice milk chocolate brown that will bring out the accents of the fabric.  Started the first blocks…..can’t hardly wait!!!!

Block of the Month – Quilting Nirvana!!!

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I have decided to quilt along with the Craftsy.com with Amy Gibson. Her new class The Craftsy Block of the Month is inspiring and exciting. And it is FREE!!!!! learn two new blocks each month with great videos and instructions. Join me!!!!

Craftsy Block of the Month