Bucket List -Garden Flags

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Every season I switch out my garden flags in the front yard. I have a small collection of flags that I have purchased over the years. I usually get one or two new ones from Joanne’s Fabrics, but I was either too late or they did not have them this year for Halloween. I pulled out two fabric flags from my collection and hung them before decorating the front porch.

Although I cannot decorate like I used to, the flags give a nice touch showing that someone cares.

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Bucket List -Fancy Floss

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I enjoy cross stitching. I remember doing kits (like dimensions) with my Mom way back when when most cross stitch kits and patterns were kinda ugly. Aida came only in white or beige and your only option was to just stitch it up and hang on the wall. Now people are making project bags, cute decorative pieces, and tiered tray pieces or even a dough bowl filled with little stitched pillows. To be honest I do not remember actually finishing anything back then or maybe I just blocked it out. But cross-stitch has come a long way since then. The patterns are really cute with something for every season or occasion in many different sizes. Aida comes in beautiful colors and most are hand dyed to get the beautiful shades. The options are endless.

I rarely buy kits anymore instead I get patterns and my own floss and fabric. I am still a fan of DMC which is classic and very reasonable in cost. But now there is hand dyed floss which comes in beautiful rich tones. Now there are so many vendors who sell on Etsy that sell their custom colors. The choices are endless. I bought some that are Halloween and Autumn tones.

I am not sure what I will make with these floss colors but I am thinking a simple shaker design that will bring out the colors of the floss.

The Halloween ones have fun names like Werewolf, Sweater Weather and Moonlight. I thought this simple pattern would look good in one of these flossesj

The autumn colors are just luscious, so rich in golds, browns and oranges.

With names like Embers, Autumn Harvest and Golden Rule I can pictures leaves and pumpkins. Maybe I can do this pattern.

Or maybe some fall leaves 🍁

Or maybe I will hold onto them until the perfect pattern comes along.

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Bucket List – Create Spotify Autumn Playlist 🍂

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I really enjoy listening to this playlist when driving my car, especially down the street with all the trees that have changed color. Some songs are repeats but with different artists.

Just like my other playlist I tend to go towards the old timey type songs. But it is also harder to find new songs that focus on seasons. They may be out there so you will have to let me know.

Please enjoy my playlist.

Bucket List – Create Spotify Halloween Playlist

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I am not much of a music person per se but once on a while when I hear music I really enjoy it. Music creates a mood or feeling. I guess that is why people like it so much. My kind brother has me on his Spotify account so I can pick out music and create playlists. Thanks brother dear! I enjoy Spotify because it gives me a wide range of music and makes suggestions. Since I do not know music very well, I need a little help. Spotify really helps with that with their suggestions.

My music tastes tends to go to old timey, Frank Sinatra type music, but there is the music from my childhood here too. I should say young adult period. Alice Cooper, Michael Jackson, Blue Oyster Cult. LOL, oh those days of youth. How I miss you.

Enjoy my music selection.

Bucket List – Add Wallpaper to iPhone and iPad

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It helps to see beautiful fall scenery every time you open you phone or iPad. It reminds you that it is Autumn even if you are in the middle of a heat wave. ☹️

Since you can set your wallpaper and your Lock Screen with different photos you get a two-fer. For my iPad I chose these two images.

For my iPhone I wanted something more Halloween themed.

Halloween is just around the corner so I will switch this to a fall themed picture in November

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Bucket List – Halloween Mystery Quilt

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I finally finished the Halloween Mystery Quilt from Primrose Cottages. At least the top was pieced together. I still need to send it off to the quilter and then do the binding. Speaking of binding. I need to finish the quilt from last year (which was sent to the quilter ) but I still need to sew on the binding. Sewing on a binding is my least favorite part of doing a quilt, so I tend to procrastinate.

I really like the fabric which is called Spellbound by Sweetfire Road. It is a nice collection of oranges and blacks

The kit had a charm pack so there was some leftover charm squares. I think I will make a few coasters to use them up. There maybe a enough to make a nice gift to a deserving friend.

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Bucket List – Watch “It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”

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I always enjoy watching this annual Halloween treat. It brings me warm memories of my childhood. Back then there were no DVD’s, no streaming apps, no DVRs to save the show to watch later. As a child you circled the date in the TV Guide of the shows you just had to watch. You waited oh so impatiently for the day and time it would air. If you missed it you were out of luck until the following year. Sitting on the floor glued to the tv set with 8 channels and rabbit ears hoping you got a great picture.

Seeing Charlie Brown in the ghost costume with all the eyes, always getting rocks instead of treats still makes me laugh. Not to mention the conviction of Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting. But my favorite scene is where Lucy comes unglued when she was bobbing for apples and she accidentally kissed Snoopy. “My lips touched dogs lips…yuck…yuck….poisoned dog lips”. Oh the sweet memories. These cartoons will always be a part of my youth.

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Bucket list-Watch a (new to me) Scary Movie

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I generally don’t watch scary movies as it lingers in my mind. However in October I indulge in a few scary films to set the tone for Halloween. Tonight I am watching “No one Will Save You”, a Hulu Exclusive.

I am not the keen on alien movies who tend to do harm and the back story of the heroine who is shunned by her neighbors is intriguing. After fighting aliens and dealing with some pretty strange stuff it has a different kind of ending that I wasn’t expecting. I would rate it a 3 out of 5.

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Bucket List-Autumn Tea

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At night, when there is a chill in the air. I enjoy a good cup of tea. Especially if I am under a warm blanket and have a good book, or watching a great show. I wanted some new tea options that were more in line with the season. Fortunately there are a lot of options out there.

Bigelow has a great teabag collection to capture the flavors of Autumn and Winter. I just received this tea collection in the mail yesterday so I will be have a warm cup of tea tonight. When it is all said and done, I will let you know my favorite flavor.

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A Good Scary Read – Starting the bucket list

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I will admit I am a slow reader. My Mom could sit down with a book and read it cover to cover. I am one of those people who only read one chapter and then take a break. So I decided to read short novellas that will not only be quick, but check off those Good Reads Reading Challenge goals. Hee hee

Amazon did not disappoint by bringing a set of scary novellas in October to read with my Kindle. There six books by different authors called the The Creature Feature.

This is Book One written by Joe Hill called The Pram. The synopsis of this book is as follows:

A husband’s obsessive desire for a child leads to an unexpected manifestation of his yearning in a nightmarish short story about fatherhood dreams by New York Timesbestselling author Joe Hill.

Willy and Marianne’s farmhouse in Maine has acres of meadow and fresh air, and a lonesome bridle path in the forest along which Willy daydreams and ambles. When he’s loaned a decrepit old baby stroller to cart his groceries home, the rickety squeak of the wheels comforts him. So do the sweet coos of a baby Willy knows can’t be real. Can it? In this twisted thicket, wishes come true—with a price.

I hope to enjoy this read as I check off “read a scary book” on my Halloween Bucket List.

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