Oh the Moon

Last night in bed, I glanced out the window and saw a beautiful moon. Not quite a full moon but a bright, large moon, glowing low in the sky.

I normally cannot see the moon from my bedroom window except certain times a year.

Every once in a while I see a moon that appears incredibly large, all orange and aglow. It always leaves me in awe on the wonder of it all.

There is such magic at night. The night critters strolling around looking for their evening meal, the occasional night bird or Owl letting us know they are watching. Looking up in the sky to see the wonderful stars.

I often think of my father when looking at the sky. My Father worked at JPL and often brought to me pictures of the night sky from NASA. Once when I was about 16 years old we went out to the desert in Lancaster to watch the Perseid meteor shower on an August night Lying on a cot looking up at the sky seeing meteors shooting across the sky, trying hard not to miss the occasional streak of light. I recall asking my Father what that cloudy, misty smear was in the sky, He looked at me like I was a dope telling me it was the Milky Way. Hard to believe that I had never seen the Milky Way before. Living in the city, where dark rarely takes over, I had never actually seen our Galaxy before.

What a delight.

I used to know some of the constellations but not any more. I do still search for the Big Dipper when I am out in the dark. It does provide comfort that it is still there. In a world that rapidly changes seeing this constant star in the sky is calming. Yup, it is still there.

THE MOON by Robert Louis Stevenson

The moon has a face like the clock in the hall;
She shines on thieves on the garden wall,
On streets and fields and harbour quays,
And birdies asleep in the forks of the trees.

The squalling cat and the squeaking mouse,
The howling dog by the door of the house,
The bat that lies in bed at noon,
All love to be out by the light of the moon.

But all of the things that belong to the day
Cuddle to sleep to be out of her way;
And flowers and children close their eyes
Till up in the morning the sun shall arise

Perhaps tonight I will see my old friend the moon again.

Sleep tight everyone.

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