Oh Spring…where are thee?

It seems this year Winter has been dragging its feet. Here we are mid April and we still have random rain storms and cold spells. Today was a nice, warmish day, but I am not convinced that Spring is here.

I do see some of the trees in the neighborhood are starting to bloom, so maybe it is being shy. Let’s bring on Spring by posting some beautiful Spring pictures.

I like to think of Spring as green gardens with blooming flowers. Sitting outside reading a book and wearing a feminine flouncy dress with a light cardigan on a picnic quilt, maybe a puppy or kitty playing in the grass. All things new and fresh. The scent of flowers filling the air.

Somehow Spring does make me want to sip some delicious Spring tea blends, dainty cups on lace doilies. Of course there would be baskets filled with warm muffins or scones next to crystal glasses and china plates. I long to have a set of mismatched plates and tea cups for such an occasion. Makes me want to pull out my Mothers vintage snack sets which were so popular in the 40’s-60’s. I do not recall the pattern I have as it has been a few years but this looks familiar. I think I have a few different sets.

My puppies are not blog/instagram stars and so I post this random cute puppy. I did find a photo of Penny enjoying the spring grass.

Just a little words of Spring to bring in the season.

Thanks for viewing my blog. Happy Spring.

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