Getting in the Mood for Christmas

I do not celebrate Christmas like other people do. I do not buy presents and put up a tree. I might on good years make handmade cards but it is getting harder each year to do that. I tell myself to get ready in July so they are good to go in November but I rarely do. Looks like this will be another years without an annual Christmas card. I certainly hope people don’t think I kicked the bucket. It just takes a ton of work.

But there are things I do to get in the mood. I like looking at artwork with Christmas themes. I am a huge fan of Katie Daisy. Her art is so special. Here are some of my favorites.

You can buy her art prints from her Etsy shop or maybe get a set of cards. Her prints are so nostalgic to me. The pint and mint colors and the shiny bright ornaments.

The one year my Grandmother came to stay with us during the holidays and we made a Gingerbread House.

The ribbon candy reminds me of my Grandmother and her bowls of hard candy just waiting for little kids to suck on them with sticky fingers.

Pictures of snow and winter critters with their warm coats exploring their territory with a cold stillness.

Such nice images to bring in the Christmas spirit.

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