Autumn Bucket List – Photos of Autumn Trees

This year the trees around the neighborhood seemed to wait until the later in the season to change. Many of the foliage I was used to seeing in its Autumn glory still have not changed and yet some trees have already lost their leaves. 🍁. Very odd indeed.

I drove around looking for some trees in their glory and found a few trees and leaves 🍁 to admire.

I did take the opportunity to go down streets I have never been down before. There were a few houses all decked out for Christmas that I will have to check out in December.

I am not one to hike but here is a photo from Placerita Canyon in all its glory. So I guess we do have the autumn season here in sunny Southern California. Who knew.

Thank you for checking out my blog and happy Autumn to all who visit. 🍂🍁 ☀️

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