Bucket List – Watch all the Hallmark Autumn Movies

I always enjoy the annual Hallmark Autumn Movie release. This years theme is Fall in Love. There are seven new releases that tie into the autumn season (kinda).

Love in the Great Smoky Mountains was a nice little movie about two estranged exes who end up together on the archeological dig in the Smokey Mountain. Of course they make up and come to an understanding while searching for a treasure.

I did not feel any chemistry so I will give it 🎃🎃.

Fourth Down and Love is about two ex lovers who are thrown together on her daughter’s football game, he, an injured pro footballer, she who resists his charms as they come together to spite themselves.

This one was cute so I would give it 🎃🎃🎃 rating.

Notes of Autumn is about two people who are two longtime bffs who live in different cities. Both feeling “stuck,” they decide to switch places and live each other’s lives for fun. Doing so has them both finding unexpected love!

I like Ashley Williams so I enjoyed this one. 🎃🎃🎃

Retreat to You is about 2 friends who are holding onto past grudges. So when the two once-best friends find themselves at a retreat hosted by one of their mutual friends, their feud is reignited. Let’s see if that grudge can turn into romance.

🎃🎃 rating

A Very Venice Romance is about an executive who pursues a chef in Italy and falls in love. The food looked great and he was easy on the eyes. Not sure what this had to do with Autumn.

🎃🎃 rating

3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost is about a ghost who is stuck in a mansion that the heroine is determined to sell. She runs into her ex boyfriend and the ghost decides to play match maker.

At first I was bored but it picked up the pace. That character did not grab me so I am giving it a 🎃🎃1/2 rating.

Field Day is about three women who are stuck doing the worst event on the PTA, “Field Day”, a grueling physical event that challenges everyone. The heroine is a recently widowed Mom who is struggling to make a new life.

I liked this one. I like both lead characters. 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Overall these movies had nothing to do with Autumn. I think Hallmark dropped the ball on this one. Give me pumpkins, a hay ride, trees of glorious gold and red. Maybe some pumpkin spice. Generally overall I was bored with these movies and was really disappointed. I hope next year they go back to those tradition Autumn/Halloween vibe films.

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