Thanksgiving 2023

This year I spent Thanksgiving with my sister and her husband. My brother came out with me and was the designated driver. We put his large dog in the front seat and I sat in the back with my two little dogs.

Penny was a dream and sat staring at me for an hour or two.

We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and stuffing. Everything was so yummy. Scott and his girlfriend Nicole came out to celebrate the day with us. But they had to leave the next day for work.

We have a running joke about Thanksgiving about my brother in law Barry wearing a ratty T-shirt as his Thanksgiving attire. The very first time I met him was Thanksgiving at his house. He answered the door in a ratty T-shirt and I thought, Wow! My sister hooked up with a white trash kind of guy. About 3 hours in he looked down and saw his shirt and said, Oh my gosh, I forgot to get dressed. I said Thank God, I was worried about you. So every year I tease him and ask about his attire for the day.

Chances are we won’t get together for Thanksgiving until I retire in 2025. This was a nice treat and I really enjoyed myself relaxing and talking.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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