2023 Lenox Pieces to my Collection

Today is Thanksgiving and time for the Black Friday sales. As expected I am adding to my Lenox collection. They seem to have less and less special hostess gifts to buy each year. Not sure if I have bought it all or they are just limiting their new releases. But I was able to find 2 pieces to add.

I got the new annual snowman figurine. So now I have 3 to my collection. I have always been a fan of Lenox figurines and have quite a few pieces. That cute round face is adorable.

The second piece goes with my dining/entertainment pieces. It is a salt and pepper shaker set.

I probably would just put them on the table individually versus the tray during the actual meal. I think I have another salt and pepper set but not 100% sure. I really need to go and take an inventory of my pieces.

Until next year. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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