Autumn Bucket List – Make Donuts

I decided to try to make pumpkin donuts for the season which is on my Autumn bucket list. Since I was running out of time I decided to make them while visiting my sister in Arizona for Thanksgiving.

I saw this Youtube video and the lady made the donuts look so easy. Using a spice cake mix and some pumpkin purée to make the donuts. What could be easier.

It was easy, but the hardest part was the squeezing the mix out of the ziplock bag into the donut pans.

I was joking with my sister that the donuts looked a little like dog doo doo. Yuck!

I wanted the maple frosting on the donut. Using a cream cheese frosting add some maple syrup to give it a nice maple flavor but boy it was rich.

I could not dip the donuts because I was afraid they would crumble so I slattered it on top and threw on some nuts. Overall they were good but very sweet and rich.

Getting to the end of my bucket list. 😀

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