Bucket List – Halloween Pajamas

Target carry’s really cute family pajamas. Even for your pet. Last year I got the Skelton pajamas. This year I went with the fun print pajamas with a black Tshirt with Trick or Treat words. Of course this is not me, as you would never get a photo of me wearing pajamas. But I wanted you to see the set.

Here is the pet bandana. I had it on Eli for a while and eventually found it on the bed. Darn him. Wish I could recall where I put it. But here is what it looks like.

I had to get the matching pumpkin slippers. Last year was the white slippers that said BOO on each foot. Almost missed out in getting the slippers. I dragged my feet (no pun intended) and they ran out. Luckily they came back in stock.

I wonder what next years design will look like.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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