Bucket List -Fancy Floss

I enjoy cross stitching. I remember doing kits (like dimensions) with my Mom way back when when most cross stitch kits and patterns were kinda ugly. Aida came only in white or beige and your only option was to just stitch it up and hang on the wall. Now people are making project bags, cute decorative pieces, and tiered tray pieces or even a dough bowl filled with little stitched pillows. To be honest I do not remember actually finishing anything back then or maybe I just blocked it out. But cross-stitch has come a long way since then. The patterns are really cute with something for every season or occasion in many different sizes. Aida comes in beautiful colors and most are hand dyed to get the beautiful shades. The options are endless.

I rarely buy kits anymore instead I get patterns and my own floss and fabric. I am still a fan of DMC which is classic and very reasonable in cost. But now there is hand dyed floss which comes in beautiful rich tones. Now there are so many vendors who sell on Etsy that sell their custom colors. The choices are endless. I bought some that are Halloween and Autumn tones.

I am not sure what I will make with these floss colors but I am thinking a simple shaker design that will bring out the colors of the floss.

The Halloween ones have fun names like Werewolf, Sweater Weather and Moonlight. I thought this simple pattern would look good in one of these flossesj

The autumn colors are just luscious, so rich in golds, browns and oranges.

With names like Embers, Autumn Harvest and Golden Rule I can pictures leaves and pumpkins. Maybe I can do this pattern.

Or maybe some fall leaves 🍁

Or maybe I will hold onto them until the perfect pattern comes along.

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