Autumn Bucket List – Cook 5 Autumn Inspired Meals

There are so many wonderful things to cook during Autumn. From soups, to pastas to yummy meats and autumn veggies. I could have done so much more, but here are the top five.

I am always so excited to pay fun shaped pasta but usually have no clue what to do with it. Aldi has released so many fun things for Autumn and I could not resist the Halloween pasta.

So I found a great recipe on Pinterest to make a Easy Taco Pasta Salad. With corn and cheese and sour cream plus taco seasoning to name a few this was a great dish. It is probably better for a summer pool party but was very good and very autumn inspired with the cute Halloween shapes.

Aldi also makes the cutest themed pizzas. Here is their Jack O’Lantern pizza.

I was surpised it was pretty good. I was anticipating some cardboard taste but the sauce was good and it was a quick Friday night meal.

Continuing the Aldi theme, I tried their One Pot Sauce – Beef Stroganoff. I also tried thier Chicken Pot Pie one. This was vary flavorful and I would probably buy again next season.

Made some noodles and a dolap of sour cream and I was having a nice autumn themed meal.

I had bought this Gilbert Fig & Feta chicken Sausage from Target and it seemed so autumn like. At Aldi was the Butternut Squash Blend.

Wow-za! What a great meal. I am not sure what they put in that butternut squash Blend but it was so flavorful and was the most “Autumn” inspired meal of the season.

Can you tell I have a thing for Aldi. The next meal was an Aldi Priano Bolognese Pasta Bake. The weird thing is they never tell you what size pan to use so next time I will do a 8×8 dish, but don’t get me wrong, this was really good. Some hamburger meat and parmensan cheese and this is a winner. I would definitly buy this again.

I am sure I did a few more meals but these were the 5 that I planned.

All were great meals, and thank you Aldi for the great inspiration.

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