Autumn Bucket List – Autumn Quilt

I just wanted to finish posting my autumn lists. I ran into Christmas and it snowballed from there. So even though it is January, I want to finish up posting my autumn bucket list items.

I enjoy changing my bedding to match the season. It helps set the mood when you are stuck inside the house thru the whole season.

I ended up throwing on a couple of autumn colored (mustard gold) throws as the season got colder. God I love this season. You sun people can keep your blazing hot sun and sweat. I will take a cuddle in my warm blankets any day.

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2 Responses to “Autumn Bucket List – Autumn Quilt”

  1. Is this quilt for sale and if so how much is a king size? Thank you for a response as soon as possible. Loeta Towery

  2. You can buy this quilt at Lakeside Collection. It is called Country Leaves. The King Size is 49.99. It comes in cream (like mine) or brown. It is rather thin, but is perfect since I like blankets underneath.

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