Autumn Bucket List – Fall Foliage

This year it was a bit difficult to find fall foliage. First of all we really do not have season and secondly, with Covid I am not really driving around out there. Currently we are in the purple stage which is very restrictive.

But I did take some pictures from my car and by my house.

This street has beautiful autumn trees on both sides. I am always in awe when I see the full autumnal colors.

This was right around the corner from the house. Look at all the leaves on the lawn.

This tree is in my front yard by the side of the driveway. I love all the yellow/gold colors. Considering this poor tree almost died, I love that it has come back beautifully.

From my driveway I can see this beautiful tree down the street. Not only is it a large tree, it is in full autumn bloom.

I have always wanted to live somewhere with a real autumn. I see pictures of back east and feel a sense of great satisfaction looking at them. I try to imagine walking down a lane with a carpet of leaves, pumpkins on porches and a brisk autumn breeze.

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