Autumn Bucket List – All Things Feet

I love fun little socks. I have wide and big feet so I cannot find beautiful shoes, so thank goodness I dont have a shoe buying addition.

But I can find fun socks. I love finding those bundles at TJ Maxx or Sams Club of themed bundles of socks

What I love about these socks (besides the cute pumpkin design) is that they remind me of the “cat paws” would buy us girls every Christmas for our stockings. My sister Jan and I fondly remember those stocking stuffers.

These socks were part of a set of 8 socks. It was hard to decide which one to model.

One of the autumn bucket list items was getting some cute slippers.

When I was at Wal-mart I found these great slippers. They have Mama Bear, Daddy Bear and Baby Bear. I know there is a set of Aunt Bear but they were not selling those slippers.

But since I am “mama” to my little doggos, I think Mama Bear slippers are just perfect.

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