Autumn Bucket List – Mums, Porch and Garden Flags

I am starting to think Mums are a rare species of flower. For the 3rd year in a row I struggled to find mums.

One day I was walking into Aldi and saw a man pushing a cart out with a basket full of fully bloomed mums. I thought “jackpot”, Sadly he must of bought the store out. None to be found. Oh how frustrating.

I went to Wal-mart, I checked out grocery stores, looked at Smart and Final and no mums to be found. The clerk at Wal-mart said they were all gone. Ok, it was early September…. What the heck

Finally I saw an Aldi ad for mums. Since my local Aldi is so skimpy I drove to the Simi Valley store. Yes, they had mums but NONE of there were blooming. I went ahead and figured I would buy them and let them bloom.

So they finally bloomed. I try to do the porch different every year. This year I have the big wooden sign from Aldi sitting on a haystack. I also have some black iron lanterns with candles that turn on at night. I also found this cute “pumpkin picking” bucket at Michaels that I added mini ghords and pumpkins with some twinkle lights.

I hung my wreath on my door as always.

Since 2020 is the year of Covid I did not go out to get new garden flags. I had to recycle flags from previous years.

First up was the Halloween ones.

For Halloween this year I just added the flags and left the porch basically as is, except a few lighted up pumpkins.

I was not sure what to expect with Covid but our Mayor agreed to let Halloween happen. I was concerned because it was Saturday and I usually have close to 100 kids. Being Saturday I was expecting more. I even bought extra candy.

However, only 8, yes EIGHT kids came. I have a ton of left over candy and no desire to comsume it. Which is good I guess. But one of the kids complimented my front porch. WIN!

Right after Halloween, I added the Autumn Garden Flags up.

Decorating the front entrance beckons Autumn to come on in. Even if it is blazing hot. I hope the mums survive.

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