Bringing in the New Year

So I recently embraced the store Aldi. The first time I went, I just did not get it. It does not have the normal stuff and has some off brand foods. But I recently learned to enjoy it. I check out the ads. Shopped for some cool stuff.

One of things I recently got was the 7 days of wine, sparkling wine to be more precise. From Dec 25th to Dec 31st you have a different sparkling wine. Of course my Aldi’s was out but my sister found me one at her store.

So for Christmas, I had the Belletti Prosecco wine. Soft and fruity peach and pear notes, with breezy apple peel and lemon zest. Pairs well with seafood, chicken, pasta with cream sauce, spicy Asian dishes, mild cheeses, as an apertif, or simply on its own.

For December 26th was a wonderful sparkling wine called Gourmandises Demi-Sec Sparkling Pinot Noir ICE. It was fruity and bubbly and a fun drink.

For December 27 I had the  Paluzzi Moscato d’ Asti which offers a sweet balance of bright citrus fruits with luscious apricot and peach flavors. Serve as an aperitif, with dessert, or simply enjoy with friends on its own. SALUTE!

We have hit the half way mark. So for December 28th I had the Belletti Sparkling Rose. Refreshing, crisp sparkler boasts notes of lilacs, strawberry and raspberry with a fruit forward structure.

For December 29th, There was another Ice drink. Gourmandises Demi-Sec Sparkling Chardonnay ICE was very nice however it was not as nice as the other Gourmandises.

December 30th was the Francois Fouché Brut Rosé

And finally, for New Years Eve was the heretat el padruell cava brut. A great finish for a count down.

All of this pairs nicely with the Aldi Christmas themed cheeses. I am a sucker for a themed cheese and Aldi is the best at it.

I am a bit late adding in this Christmas/New Years post but I was having trouble uploading pictures from my phone. My sister (the same one who got my the Aldi Wine countdown) told me abou this little USB stick that will move my photos. And it worked! Yeah!

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