Tackling the Kitchen

On my last post I stated that I plan on decluttering my home and stop having so much stuff.

I decided my kitchen really needed to be first.

I had already finished my corner under cabinet area and the lazy susan upper cabinet so there are no pictures of the before so the after was kinda useless. But it pretty much looked like my spice cabinet below.

Before picture of spice cabinet

This cabinet had spices and condiments that were as old as 2005. Some were more recent but looked unpleasant. I understand spices only last 1-4 years. So unless something was dated 2018 or later, it was tossed.

Before spice cabinet

I think I had that stash tea when I moved in here….pretty much 13 years ago

I am not sure when tea is no longer good, but you know what, I do not care… say goodbye.

Those Kirkland spices were bought when I was a member of Costco. And I have not been a member for YEARS…. say goodbye

Some I did not recognize at all

Spice Cabinet left

I know the Au Jus Gravy is new

Sprinkles….sprinkles…sprinkles….. I decided that I would hesitate to use any of them on cookies so I thanked them for their beauty in the world and tossed them. Say Goodbye

I know honey does not expire but I think those honey sticks looked kinda gross…. say goodbye

There was some canning wax….why who knows…. wait I think I got them to make the Martha Washington Candy which I probably wont make for a long time….say goodbye.

After I was brutal…. and I mean brutal….. here is my cupboard now.

I can see space.

I have some teas, some salts and one or two big containers of pepper. The Au Jus is now in one of my lock and lock containers that I love.

But pretty much I cleared everything out.

cleaned out spice cabinet

I even found my Longaberger tea caddy. Cute basket.

Spice Cabinet After

Anything left would be stuff I would use. Cupcake liners, coffee filters, vanilla (which does not go bad) and a few cooking utensils like a pastry cutter and cocoa sprinkler (which I never used but is cute so it can stay)

Thank you A Slob Comes Clean for the inspiration.

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