Autumn Bucket List – Halloween Outdoor Decor

Usually every year I go way out on the Halloween decorations.  This year I was not really into it.

I know, I know…. everyone who knows me, knows I love Halloween.  But  I was not that interested this year.   Maybe it was because I was focusing on my Autumn Bucket list.  Or maybe it was an off-year.

Not too many people got into it this year at work either.   We did not enter the contest this year.  But there is always next year.

But I did some decorations.

Every year I put my wreath on my door.  I bought this wreath years ago at a store called The Great Outdoors.  I love the old-fashioned ornament appeal to the wreath.


I also throw out a few pumpkins.  This time it was just a few on the porch.  Sometimes I do the huge light up ones, and the ones from Martha Stewart carved out images that I got from Grandin Road a long time ago.

But this time it was the simple pumpkins next to the mums.

I also threw on a few skeletons of  some long dead animals.  Not mine, I swear.

I love this vulture, he is so menacing.

I bought this raven last year on sale after Halloween at Target.  He “caws” when someone gets close and his eye are bright red lights.  He is kinda cool.

To keep him company, I have his buddy in a cage.  A little dead, but what can I say!

Last but not least.  I put out the Halloween Garden Flags.

I love these kind from Joann Fabrics.  They are super silky and are double sides.

Trick-or-treaters this year where good.  I had about 40 kids.

There were several cute costumes.   One family each had a Sport illustrated Magazine style poster behind them. and they each wore a different sport.  You can tell they put some effort into their outfits.

Several young girls had a like medieval robe with velvet and lace.  I am not sure which character they are.

There was a young girl who wore a unicorn outfit that match Olive.

Most of them were polite and had small batches of kids.  I really do not like huge groups as I cannot see the costumes very well.

One little boy was fascinated by my raven.  LOL


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