The Cat Doctor – Rest in Peace!

On the morning of my birthday I went to my Facebook page to see what was happening with all my friends and family.   I was shocked and saddened to see my favorite vet in the world had passed away.

Doctor Tracy McFarland was by and far the best vet I have ever encountered.   I am such a critic of animal doctors and they vary from lack to skills, to money focused, to sometimes and shockingly cruel to animals.  So when I found Dr. Tracy that first day I know I found the best there was.   She had taken care of my Kahlua, my Scooter and my Beau.   I wish I knew her when my Maxwell was sick, she probably could have saved him.

The first time I went to see her was after I went to another doctor to exam my newly adopted kittens.  That doctor was barely even examining the kittens and I left unimpressed.   I found the Cat Doctor in the yellow pages (remember this was 15 years ago) and made an appointment.   I saw Dr. Tracy.   She examined every inch of those kittens.  Checked ears and eyes, felt the bone structure, felt the stomach, looked in their mouths, and answered my questions.  Without a doubt I knew this was a woman who knew their stuff.

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Dr. Tracy saved my Scooter twice from a severe illness, brought Beau back from the brink of death and yelled at me when I brought in my Kahlua a little too late to save.

It is no surprise to me the amount of love shown to the office and family after her death.  I am grateful that I was able to mail the card to her before she became  to weak to read cards.

She meant so much to so many.

Rest in Peace Doctor Tracy you will be missed!

Below are some picture from her memorial service.  Pictures taken from Facebook.



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