Park Palooza – Day 4 (the best for last)

Hi!  Its Olive and Penny hacking into Mom’s blog again.   It is hard to believe the 4 days of Parks Palooza is over.  (to be honest, we were getting a little tired).

We wanted to post this yesterday but there was a thing called “internet not working”.   It was frustrating  to blog and Mom was upset because she could not use her IPad.

But today it seems to be working, and since Mom is photographing stuff for Ebay (whatever that is) it is a good time for us to hack into this blog.

Park Four – Circle J Ranch

The park on Friday was the best, simply because NO ONE was there and we were able to run free.  FREEEEEEEEE   Mom did not hold our leashes.  We ran away so fast.

While Mom was getting her phone out to take pictures….. we RANNNNNN AWAY.

Can you see us under the tree in shady part?

Maybe a close up will help.  Olive is by the tree and I (Penny) am in the grass.

Mom is always looking left and right for people and dogs and danger while we sniff away happy as can be.

Tree sniffing is very important.

The park itself was a big open green space with trees around the edges.

We really enjoyed our freedom.  Running around and sniffing.  Mommy rarely lets go of our leash but we love it when she does.  We run from sniff to sniff.  Trying to get as much in as possible.

Mom even found some keys someone left on the bench

Mom called the sheriff to let them know and they did not care.   Mom was disappointed in them.  She tried to be a good citizen.

Well, onto the rating….

Grass and Trees

There was a lot of grass and several trees.  Not a ton of trees but at least the walkway had trees so it had patches of shade.

Crowds and Hoomans

Even thou we meet a little dog and her hooman on the way out, we basically had the park to ourselves.   Yahoo!  My kind of day.  The Hooman Mom met said on Friday evening all the dogs come and play on the field without leashes.  Sounds kinda scary.

Places for Mom to sit and Rest

There were a few benches along the walkway.  But like most parks, it was without trees.  Not sure why they don’t put benches in the shade.   But overall a good amount for the park size.

Poop Bags Available

Yup, at the front of the park the poop bags were waiting for us.  Except I did not poop.  Or I did without Mom noticing because I was FFFFFRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Mom Stuff, Like easy to get to, parking, Nice view (she does not care about sniffs)

There was no one in the parking lot.  A little far but not bad and the park was pretty.

Overall Rating


Rating of the Over Park Palooza

Penny here, Olive and I discussed the parks and decided the order of preference

  1. Circle J Rank Park
  2. Dr. Richard H. Rioux Park
  3. Central Park
  4. Iron Horse Trail

Mom agrees.   She has agreed that we will go back to the top three parks.

Overall both Olive and I are happy that Mommy added Park Palooza into her vacation!

Signing Off!

Penny the Smoocher  

and Ollie Doodle  

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