My Autumn 2018 Bucket List

I am not a big fan of Summer and usually around this time of year I am more than ready to bring on Autumn.

I have been channeling Autumn and have gotten all my friends and co-workers to bring on Autumn thru wishful thinking.

Not sure if it will work but I believe in using your powers to summon up the goodness of earth.  And in this case, the season.

It must be working because the stores are putting out the autumn and Halloween items.   I am seeing pumpkin spice everything start to show up on everything, not sure about pumpkin spice motor oil but who knows.

I looked at several buckets lists and since a lot of them involved activities I will never do (go on a nature hike) or cannot do (no piles of fall leaves in Southern California), I made my own list.


Since I am a crafter/baker/creative person that lives with two little dogs the list has things that are achievable for me.

Follow along to see how I do this year.

If you want a copy of this bucket list, please click below.

Autumn 2018 Bucket List

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