Park Palooza Day 3

Olive and Penny here.  Hacking the blog again.

Mom got up real late today as she went to the movies with a friend.   She saw Crazy, Rich Asians.   She said it was very funny!

Mom wanted to sight see instead of walking around a park.  So we went to a local landmark instead.

Park Three – Iron Horse Trailhead

This was not much of a dog adventure but more of a Mom adventure.

She has always wanted to walk across the Iron Horse Bridge.

First thing we saw was this cool sign post that pointed to all the historical places in Santa Clarita.


From the signpost you can see the iron bridge.

Mom kept trying to get us to walk on the cedar side of the walk way and not to walk on the asphalt, but we never listen to her.

Fortunately the bridge walkway was all wood.

Mom was concerned that Olive was way to close to the edge.  She kept thinking that Olive would slip down a hole and fall to her death.   Her harness is not that tight and she could fall if she did something dumb.

Olive:  I was just looking, I am not that stupid.

Mom:  You don’t pay attention and there are big holes on the side.

Olive:  Ha!  Moms worry for no reason at all

Mom: (thinking) “get me off this damn bridge”

The river view….what river…..this is Southern California, we do not know rain here.

Overall we, as dogs were not impressed.  It was hot, there was no good sniffs.

The things we do for Mom!

Overall it was a bad rating!

The low rating was because this was not a park.  No good sniffs.  No poops.   No shade.  No trees.

Tomorrow better be good Mom!

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