Park Palooza – Day Two

Olive and Penny here!  Hacking into the blog again to add more dog photos and dog thoughts!

Today the Hooman took us to a new park to sniff and explore!


Central park is a huge park with lots of child play things, benches, bathrooms and open space.  They have a dog park called Central Bark but we did not go there.

There is a lot of open green space.


and plenty of space to walk and sniff.

However we were more interested in smelling trash cans and looking under bushes.  Not to mention a ton of poles.  Poles smell real good.

Just walking along paths are a bit boring.   Plus there were no benches for Mom to sit and relax.

However we did discover later that further down in the park by the picnic tables were all the benches.

Poor Mom had to stand while we rested in the shade.

and it was HOT…we drank a lot of water.

I like to get my face all wet when drinking!  Hee Hee

Well onto the rating!

Grass and Trees

There was some but not consistent.   However the park was large and not sure if there were better places with trees.

So that gets only a 2 paw rating.

Crowds and Hoomans

We met a nice lady with two chi’s.  We all went at it!  Mommy talked to the lady and discussed that little dogs make a lot of noise.  NOT TRUE.  We were just protecting her from those murderous killer chi’s.  Geez some hoomans never appreciate anything.

Not a lot of people.   Could easily avoid people if necessary.

Places for Mom to sit and rest

Seems that all the benches were just around the kid play areas.   Guess hoomans like to watch kids play.   No benches along the pathways.  So poor Mommy had to stand the entire park experience.

Poop bag available

Lots of Poop Bag dispensers and fully stocked.  And trashcans to drop the goodies in.

Mom Stuff, like easy to get to, Parking, nice view (she does not care about sniffs)

It was way across town so it was quite a drive, but had plenty of parking.   The view was ok, but not spectacular.


Overall Rating

Only a three paws up.  It was a nice park, but I am sure it is super crowded on the weekend and just not worth the drive.


Mom decided to treat us and drove up and down the street in the park so we could hang out heads out the windows and get all the sniffs we wanted.

Other hoomans must of thought we were crazy.

I wonder where we are going tomorrow.


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