Park-Palooza – Day One

Penny and Olive here.  We are hacking Mom’s blog.  She never puts enough of US on the blog.   She does silly stuff like cards and quilts.  So we will just have to hack into her blog and fix that!

Mom promised us 4 days of new park adventures.   She is on vacation this week and she said she would take us to 4 different parks during her stay-cation.   All new sniffs,  new grass, new shade, new poop places.

We are here to rate the parks and let her know which parks meet with our approval for future parkies!

Park One – Dr. Richard H. Rioux Memorial Park


This park is in the hills of Stevenson Ranch.  Like most parks, it is next to an Elementary School.   However the park was large enough that you could not even see the school.


Lots of Grass

Lots of Trees

Picnic Tables for Mom to rest at


Plenty of Shade for us to rest under.   We try to rest in a cool spot FAAARRRRRRRR away from benches so Mom has to stand there while we rest!

Hee Hee Hee, I love to make the hooman stand and wait for us to rest!

I did not even poop at the park, which I love to do.   One of life’s greatest pleasures is to poop at the park.

Hey Olive, Mom says you will NEVER be a instagram star as you REFUSE to look at the camera!

Not TRUE!   I just choose to model when I am in the mood, which is rare and hardly ever!

See I can model, if I so desire.

OK let’s get back to rating the park!

Grass and Trees

5 paws!  Lots of grass, lots of trees!  Makes lots of shade.

Crowds and Hoomans

There were people there but they did not cause us to bark.   Maintenance guys were mowing, so avoid Tuesdays!

Places for Mom to Sit and Rest

Lots of benches, but had a lot of dirt around them.  We could not sit in the grass if Mom was sitting at the bench

Poop Bags Available

Did not see any.  But we were only at one section of the park

MOM stuff, like easy to get to…parking…nice view (she does not care about sniffs)

She says it was close to home, easy to park, plenty of parking spaces,  Lots of trash cans to throw poop bags away.   Walkways so it is easy for her to walk.  Overall pretty good.

Our over all rating for this park is a total of 4 paws up!

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Signing off – Olive and Penny!

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