A Year Late – Christmas Cookies

As I get ready to decide what Christmas cookies and candies I will make this year, I discovered I never posted my pictures from last year.

Really Karen…. really.

I took the time to take all the pictures and then just did not post them.

So here you go

Eli the wonder dog helping with the baking!

My Moms famous double batch oatmeal choc chip cookies, my brothers favorite.

My Mom’s Meringues.   One of my favorites.

My sisters Snow Ball cookies.  Some call them Mexican Wedding Cookies.

First attempt at this… not sure I would do this again.  Linzer cookies.

The classic Fantasy Fudge

My Nut Clusters, now a favorite with my Brother-in-Law.

This was new this year and it was a smashing hit!   Individual toffees.   My sister resisted making these but my Brother=in-Law loved them and she ended up making a batch just for him.  She should really listen to her sister.  HA!

My sister Elaine Pralines!

The classic Peanut Butter Blossoms!

New this year, red and green crinkles.

A last minute add.   Cookies with snickers.


Praline Fudge

To be honest, I do not remember.  Chocolate cookies with peanut chips or butterscotch chips.  Not sure.

Caramels…. both plain and some with sea salt.

Aunt Lucy’s Buttery Peanut Brittle.   No, Aunt Lucy is not a relative, just the name from a Book.  I am sure she was someones Aunt.

I put the baskets together with cute bowls I found at Wal-Mart.  They had matching coasters that I added to the goodies.

All the goodies…ready to be delivered.

Helper number 1…..Olive the Maltese in her Christmas Jammies.

2nd Helper is Penny the Poocher, the doggie Smoocher!


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