Online Card Class Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 103 – Day Three Distress Mediums and Textures

I have always liked using stencils and playing with embossing paste.  So this was a fun day for me.

I have a really bad head cold, so if I make a ton of spelling errors and write out strange sentences, forgive me.

Here are the tags from this day

Day Three Tags

  • Distress Layered Collage Technique

This one was more fun than I thought it would be.  It was very relaxing just pasting the images onto the cardstock.

Day Three Tag Layered Collage Technique

For the card I decided to do a camping theme.  I had the camping Ephemera so I thought it would be fun to do a card using them.

Day Three Camping Card Layered Collage Technique

  • Texture Paste Coloring Technique

This was fun one.  I could have done this all day.  It was exciting to see all the different colors exploding on the background.

Day Three Tag Texture Paste Coloring Technique

For the card I used my new starfish stencil.  This picture does not do it justice.  I painted a tiny starfish from the mini blueprints and added some fun do dads.

Day Three Starfish Card Texture Paste Coloring Technique

  • Texture Paste Embossing Technique

If I can use GOLD on anything I am happy.   I really liked using the paste with embossing powder.

Day Three Tag Texture Paste Embossing Technique

For the card I used a leaf stencil and used the leaf stamp and die cut to make the rest of the card.

Day Three Leave Card Texture Paste Embossing Technique

You cannot see the gold very well in this pic, but this close up shows the shine.

Day Three closeup Texture Paste Embossing Technique

  • Texture Paste Resist Technique

This was such a cool technique.  I love the tile look.  I decided to use dark colors instead of the Picket fence.   It was such a colorful print the white just did not show up.

Day three Tag Texture Paste Resist Technique

For the card I used some paper I had in my stash.  I cut the border out to make a frame and used one of the prints to make a mosaic for the middle.  I thought it came out really cool.  This was one of my favorite techniques.

Day three Mosaic Card Texture Paste Resist Technique

  • Distress Grit-Paste Grunge Technique

This was an interesting technique.  I think it was kinda fun and grungy.  But the best part of this Lost Relative card, is that the dog looks like my Penny.

DAy Three Tag Distress Grit Paste Grunge Technique

File Jul 04, 2 37 00 PM

Just sayin!

I decided to do the snow technique for the card.  It really does look like snow.

DAy Three Snowman Card Distress Grit Paste Grunge Technique

thanks for looking at my creations



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