Online Card Class – Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 103 – Day One

I am a huge fan of Tim Holtz products.  I love the distress line and the many things I can do with it.  I learned a lot in his Creative Chemistry 101 and 102.

It was nice of Online Card Class to re-open the two older classes to allow people to relearn or sign up for the first time the other two classes.

Creative chem banner

There are so many techniques I would highly recommend that anyone take these classes.

My one complaint is that the class length should be two weeks instead of one.  There are so many techniques to learn that is is impossible to keep up.

It is Day Four and I just finished Day One tags and cards.  Maybe I do too much, but I really wanted to practice these techniques!


Oh well, onto the tags and cards.

Here are the tags for the five techniques.

Tag Set Day One


Distress Ombre Effect

I loved making my own ink pad.   I was so excited when I brayered that color on the lid of the ink pad.   Soooo pretyy.  Nicer than I thought it would be.

I wanted a sunset color so I used Mustard See, Spiced Marmalade, Abandoned Coral and Seedless Preserves

Custom Ink Pad .

Custom ink colors

I used the Tim Holtz Butterflies to do the ombre effect.   I had to rotate the stamp three times as I worked my way down the tag.

Tag Ombre Butterflies

I got a little carried away with the card.  I was using a new watercolor pen and it became obsessed!

Butterfly Card

Distress Highlight Stamping Technique

I had such high hopes for this one.   The first stamp set did not have enough “body” to make it stand out.

Tag Picket Fence Flowers


So for the card I used a solid stamp.  Geez it took me forever.

Then it needed something and I splattered it with paint.

Now listen to me CAREFULLY!   Practice first before splattering your project.

As this will happen to you!!!!

Picket Fence Flowers

So we add some Nuvo drops on the card hoping you will not see the big brown blotches on the card.    LOL

Distress Off-Set Stamping Technique

I liked this technique as it does remind me of antique cards

TAg Cherries

I used a older stamp set from    I was happy to see they reopened their shop again.  They made the prettiest fruits and flowers.

Cherry Card

Distress Washed Watercolor Technique

I really like the Micro Glaze.   Way cool.  I had not heard of it before this class.  Oh that Tim Holtz is always bringing us something to new to play with

Tag Shell

Now for a little colorful shell

I made the ribbon by using the same inks that I used on the card

sea shell card

Distress Micro Glaze Resist Technique

This one was a challenge as I did not have a lot of spray to choose from, but I liked the green and blues.  Reminds me of the ocean.

Tag Mermaid

I had fun with this card.  I cut the tag into sections and used come glitter in-between the panels.   I had this mermaid stamp set forever and never used it.   It is hard to see but I added shimmer to the mermaid.

Mermaid Card

Well this was a good day one class.

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2 Responses to “Online Card Class – Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 103 – Day One”

  1. I’m absolutely AMAZED and blown away by these texture techniques. I mean that – I am smitten! I want to learn these techniques SO badly, but I seldom try anything new. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us. It’s such a blessing to have you play along with us. I praise God for sending you to Word Art Wednesday, and pray that you will continue to share your talents with us.
    God bless you!
    Word Art Wednesday

  2. Amazing lay-out, combo of colors and inking on all these tags. So glad you linked up your creation with us at Word Art Wednesday. Leaving you with the inspiration of God’s Word in 1 Corinthians 1:18 which says, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” Be blessed!

    JO ANN

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