Camp Create – Day Five Shaker Cards



Final day of camp and I am jazzed with my final card.   When I saw the designers rainbow card, I kept thinking how would this tie into my camping theme.  I remember camping as a kid laying in my cot, looking at the stars and dreaming.  So I knew it had to be a card with the stars.  My Dad worked for JPL and worked on many of the Space Missions plus he loved to take us camping!  This card is for you Dad!

I resisted buying the “Out of This World” stamp and die set, but I kept seeing great cards made from the set.  I bit the bullet and bought it.  So glad I did.   Loving these goofy aliens.

Here is the adorable shaker card.  I used the die of the spaceship as the “see thru to the back window”.  I was afraid that you would not be able to tell it was a spaceship, but no worries it came out fine.  I was a bit sloppy in the tape runner on the inside (which I am not showing you – LOL), but I think if I do this again, I know what to expect.   I am really LOVING this card.



I clearly earned my badge!   So I hope I win the $150 but will be happy for whoever wins because if they did all the cards, they deserve it!!!!




Thanks for looking at my creation!!!!

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