Word Art Wednesday #234-235 Anything Goes

Some nice woman posted a comment on my blog about my last set of cards and told me about this website and their challenge inspired by God’s Word.

Word Art Wednesday

I like that they have a clean approach to cards and crafts that embrace their love of Jesus into their creative works of art.    They also provide a free scripture word art that you can use in your cards.  They do not require that you use it, but as a good citizen of supporting bloggers and blog sites, I decided to make a card using this challenges word art.  See below for the image.


So I jumped into making this card and it was not until I had finished  that I realized that it probably would have been better on a masculine style card!  Opps.

Nevertheless, I was just into the creative moment.

A Mans Heart card

I decided that I wanted to use my Minc foiling machine and made the words in green foil.  You can see it better here.

mans heart closeup

We all make mistakes.  I had accidently let the paper touch some water colors I had out on my desk.  So I had to place the leaves just in the perfect place to hide the yellow paint.  You cannot tell there is a boo boo there.

Next time I will pay more attention to the quote and make it more appropriate for the occasion.

Thanks for looking at my site!  I truly appreciate it!!!!


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