My Mother’s Memory Book

When my Mother passed away, I wanted to make sure her Grandchildren had an opportunity to know her the way we knew her.   They only got to know the old woman who was at times, let’s be honest, cranky.   But growing up, my siblings and I knew a woman who was crafty, smart and caring.

So I created this book using my digital scrapbooking skills.  I asked my siblings a series of questions about certain memories, from favorite foods, what she helped us with, her style, etc etc.   Then I incorporated into this book.   Funny things looking back at this book, I can see errors I made and duplicate pictures.  But in my defense, I was grieving the loss of my Mother and I was under a tight tight deadline to get the books back before the memorial service.


This is the cover.  You will notice on the cover there is a strange border, this was added so the stretch of the bleed over on the cover did not distort the images.    It is only on the front and the back of the cover.

I asked my siblings to send any pictures they had of Mom so I could capture as many as I could into the book


To start the book, I talked of her childhood.  My Mom did not talk much about her childhood, except that it was hard.   I guess any child from the Great Depression can say the same thing.

Mom pink sheet

More childhood memories she shared with us.

Mom Brown

About the death of her only brother Ray.  Such a loss.   I actually got a copy of his military file and learned some about his stint in the Navy.  Since he was a gunner’s mate on the ship, he was probably killed instantly when the Kamikaze pilot hit the ship.   I remember someone telling me that some of his ship mates came to visit my Grandmother to give condolences and confirm that he truly was dead.  No physical body was ever found for a funeral.  His name is on a plaque in Hawaii.  If I ever go there, I will have to go and see it.

Mom White

She grew into a pretty young woman.  I often wondered what she wanted to be growing up.   That is why it is so important to ask these questions today when they are still alive.

Mom Orange

She met Dad at a neighbor’s house, and history was made!  A few years ago I found out Mom was pregnant when they got married.  I asked my Mom about it.  She laughed and said yes, but they had already planned to get married.  I called her a slut (joking).  And she laughed.   I really need to pay attention to those dates on the genealogy charts.  LOL.

Mom meets Dad

Christmas and Halloween were the two times of the year where we had the most great memories.

Christmas Page One

All of us kids remember the Christmas trees and the crafts!

Christmas Page Two

She even made our Christmas stockings.

Christmas page Three

My Mom was such an avid sewer.  She made the most incredible costumes.

Halloween Page Two

We often won awards at school for our costumes.

Halloween Page Four

more Halloween pages.

Halloween Page One

Thanksgiving and Halloween memories!

Holiday one

Easter!  Always had those pretty dresses on!

Holiday Two

As a family we did a lot of road trips and camping.  Many great memories there.

camping two

I never learned to fish, but my brother Doug and Dad sure caught several.  I was so paranoid of choking on a fish bone!

Camping one

More camping memories

camping three

This camping page was actually not in the book.  I think I was in too much of a rush and forgot.  But at least it is here for all blog readers.

camping bear story

Food memories.

Food ELaine and Doug

My page of food memories!

food Karen

My sisters food memories

Food Jan

Oh the things we thought we got away with!!!

She Never Knew

The things we did not get away with!

She Caught Me

How our Mom embarrassed us!  LOL


Shopping with Mom!!!


Clothes that Mom made for us!

She Made

Our favorite sewing projects from Mom!


What our Mom helped us with!

She Helped

When we were grateful when Mom helped us!!

Memories of Mom

My Mom’s style, both young and older!

Her Style

Things Mom taught us!!

She Taught Us

All the little things in life that we see that makes us remember Mom.  And they still do!!!

REminds me of Mom One


REminds me of Mom Two

Back page.

final Page

Back cover!

Back Cover


I made sure that her grandchildren had a copy of this book.  I truly did not expect them to read it.   I was so pleased when my niece Rachel wrote to me that she read the book from cover to cover and learned so much about her Grandmother and that she will always miss her.   Made me cry!

So if you lose a family member, try to get the memories down fast before you forget.   I still look at this book of my Mom and I am surprised on how many things I had already forgotten!

Thanks for looking!

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