December Daily – Toy Pages

For this post I wanted to share my toy page.  I searched for old Sears wish books to find images for toys that I have received as a child.

I started by making a mini page and used some  7 Gyspies old flash cards to spell out the word TOY.


I sewed it down on a glitter pocket with some ephemera from October Afternoon.  Yes too much glitter again.  Sigh!  When will I learn.

Toy back side

This page has some waterfall pockets with the wish book pages in them.  On the first page was the snowman icee machine. Not sure who got this as a gift, but I played with it for years.

Old Wish Books

This barbie was something I loved.  I would change the color of her hair and her outfit.  I also remember the Mystery Date game.  I would endlessly turn the wheel to see which man I would end up with.  Loved that game.

wishbook 2

I remember playing the Quija Board.  I think it was my sister Elaine’s game but I remember it very well and played with it a lot.  Today, I won’t touch those things.

wishbook 3

I know these pictures are really hard to see so I am also posted it below so you can enjoy!





I did not add this one to my book, but I had an easy bake oven.


The prices crack me up!   Oh the good old days!




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