December Daily – Days 7 and Day 8


For the back of the last page I wanted to capture a bunch of pictures of things that remind me of my youth.

Alpha Beta – the grocery store we use to shop at

Bob’s Big Boy – Where everyone went after the High School Football Game, not to mention anytime, was so awesome.  I love Big Boys.  They still have one in Burbank.

S&H Green Stamps and Blue Chip Stamps – I use to fill in those books for fun.

Fedco – I loved Fedco!  It was a membership store that was awesome!   This was way before Cost Co. or Sam’s Club.

Thifty Store – Their ice cream was the best.  I usually got Chocolate Chip.  My Mom would get pistachio.  Sometimes I would get Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  A scoop was about 5-10 cents.

The Helmsman Bakery Truck  – Oh the fresh doughnuts.  Mom would get fresh bread and we would beg for the doughnuts.

Jack in the Box – Nothing like the clown you talk to.   I remember when they blew the clown up.  Nice to know he is back, not not in the box.

memory squares


I had to journal about the family Christmas Stockings.   My Mom made all our stockings from hand.  They were felt with little sequins and images.  Mine was Green.   Mine was also the only one that was backwards.  I was the last kid so I am not sure if it was because Mom was stressed with four kids, or because I am so unique that I just had a different stocking.   I still have the stocking.

For my fur family, I have bought stocking that are needlepoint.  There is NO WAY I would ever finish making one.  Let alone for all the critters.  The only issue is getting new ones for the new critters.  It took me forever to find new ones for the dogs.  But close enough!

DAy 7 Family


Day eight is about crafting traditions.  I love blankets, quilts and afghans.  So I started a tradition of making one for Christmas.  This year I am crocheting a Christmas Ripple Afghan.  I love the colors.  Last year I made a quilt.  So maybe I will switch from year to year.   LOL.  It will take me two years to finish this afghans, I have no time.  Ugh!

Day 8 Traditions

Thanks for looking!

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