December Daily – Day 9 and Day 10


I really like this page!   Not sure if it was the soft plaids and wood. or the cute gold dog.

This day was about dropping of some of the candy goodies that I made.

I dropped off to the Castaic Animal Shelter, the Sheriff Station and both Libraries.

They always appreciate the goodies.

To make the gold dog. I used double sided Sticky Tape to cut out a lab dog from a die that I have from Poppy Stamps

Then I put the sticky side on the wood paper and removed the other sticky side and rubbed gold foil on the sticky tape.    I like how he turned out.

Day 9

Here is a close up of the dog.

Day 9 Dog


I wanted to capture my addiction to magazines.  To some they are a mess and a clutter.  To me they are a cheap entertainment.  A magazine can cost around $5.00 and you can read it from cover to cover.  Read it outside.  Read it while waiting in a doctor’s office.  Read them in a hot bath.   Read them at night in bed.   Read them cuddled up with the critters on a cold night.  So much entertainment for hardly any money.    I get inspiration, I get ideas, I love magazines.

At Christmas I usually get cooking mags and decorating magazines.  I get so many ideas.  And when I am done, I toss them.

DAy 10 magazines

On Pinterest there are a lot of inspiration for making your December album.  I saw someone make a vellum photo page and wanted to try.

The difficult part is figuring out what to put behind the picture so it did not look weird.   This was the lesser of many evils.

This was an old Christmas photo of opening gifts on Christmas Day.  My Grandmother is sitting in the back, and my Dad was sitting behind my sister and me.  Obviously I could not be bothered to look up and smile for the camera.

Vellum overlay

Here is the paper behind the vellum.

Vellum overlay 2

On the back of this Christmas Singing paper was a cool black and white print.  I decided to put gold glitter letter stickers on the back to spell out Happy Holidays.  I really like the gold against the black and white.

Happy Holidays

How in the heck did I dent the top of the page.  That dent screams at me.  I guess we all do something like that.

I love the gold wreath on this page.  It is a puffy sticker set that is awesome by My Mind’s Eye Christmas on Market Street.


Thanks for looking!

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