December Daily – Day 5 and Day 6 Cookie Baking Weekend


Every year my sister and I get together to make candies and cookies.   We switch houses each year, I do even years, she does odd years.  So being 2015, I went to her house.

We usually plan what we will make a few weeks before and we usually try out a new recipe.  Some recipes end up being a classic like our peanut brittle.

As you can see, the fused pocket has some glitter on the cookie header picture.  I found at Beverly’s store thin little wooden snowflakes from Bo Bunny which was perfect for the lower picture.  I had some cute paper that were recipe measurements which matched perfectly.

DAy 5 Cookie Weekend

I decided to add a little pocket between the pages.   I decided to use old advertisement images that I remember from my youth.   My mom use to have in her recipe drawer old pamphlets from the 50’s.   This one really reminds me of Mom.

Better Crocker

I made it into a pocket and added a recipe card inside that listed the different goodies we made that year.

Recipe Card

On the back side was an ad from the Pillsbury Dough Boy.


I love the dough boy, I actually had a plastic dough boy toy that you could push his belly.   Ahh Memories.

On this page I had pictures of my goodies.

Day 6 cookies

Looking at these pictures make me hungry for sweets!   LOL.

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