December Daily – Day 21 and Day 22


For this day I wanted to capture the weather.  For Southern California we don’t really have seasons.   The only sign that it is winter is the bare trees.  Except on Christmas day we still have some brown leaves.  Once in a blue moon we get snow.  So you never know.

Day 21 Weather


Every year I try to do a puzzle.  I love doing puzzles and try to do them at Christmas time while watching Christmas movies.    My brother picked out this one with cupcakes.  His theory, similar to mine is something where you can tell what the pieces are.

Day 22 puzzle


I wanted to show what Christmas was like when I was a child, and what it looks like when I am all grown up.

I took a transparency that had typewriter fonts on it.  The tree in my Mom’s house was so typical of our tree.  Tinsel carefully laid on each branch.  The tinsel was lead based and heavy.  LOL, the good old days.

Christmas as Child Overlay

This Christmas scene was at my house.  I had not been in the house very long so there was not a lot of clutter there.   LOLOLLLLLOLLL.

All my nieces and nephews are all grown up now.  Time flies.

Christmas as Adult Overlay

Thanks for looking!


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