December Daily – Day 17 and Day 18


Today I went with Mercedes to drop off gifts to the different shelters.  In case you do not know, I do dog rescue with Mercedes and find the critters new homes.

We went to Best Friends in Mission Hills and to the shelter in South Los Angeles.

Day 17 shelters


On the following day I went back to the local shelter in Castaic.   I gave them their gifts and spoke with the head of the shelter.  My brother came with me and when we were done we fed treats to all the dogs.  I was thrilled to see a lot of empty stalls, so there were just a few dogs.  We were able to feed treats three times, by the time we made the third round, the dogs were wagging their tails.   Find your next best friend at a local shelter.


DAy 18 Castaic

Doggie prisoners!!!  Hope they find their forever home soon!!!

Castaic dogs

Thanks for looking!

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