Day One – Watercolor for Card Makers

Howdy,  Nothing like panicking at the last minute trying to get cards done.  I am sooo bad at finishing early.

Day one is all about watercolor markers!   And boy do I have them.  I have distress markers, I have Zig Real Color Markers.  I even purchased the new ones that Kristina used in her circle card.  They did not come in the mail yet.  Probably tomorrow.  Oh well!

WAtercolor Cherries

The first card is using a cherry stamp set from Flourishes.

I really liked how it came out.  Struggled a bit to make the cherries show different colors.

I used the Zig Real Color markers on this card


Watercolor smear flowers

This card technique was using the color right onto the stamp.   I also used the zig real color markers for this one.  I also make the ribbon.  I tried to used zig real color but it was not happening.  So I ended up using distress ink to make the ribbon.  I also added that silver sentiment holder.  This was an attempt to use up old supplies from my closet.

Watercolor Circles


This card is a FAILURE.   LOL, we all have them.  I tried to use the zig markers in a way to so gradual color change.  I fail.  The colors smeared.  I even hate the ribbon.  Oh well.


Thanks for looking!



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  1. Okay, so maybe there are some downsides to this card, but your idea of using the little circle sentiments around the bubbles is brilliant! I have that set and didn’t know quite what to do with the little pieces; now I have a great example!

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