Stamp a Faire 2015 – Make it Work Challenge


Create a new card from pieces of reject cards or alter a card from earlier today that you were not happy with.  It’s all about making it work!


Well I knew I was going to redo my first card.  Making that card was a constipated process and I just could not pull it together.  The redo was simple after a whole day of working on cards and stretching myself to create!

Here is the original card.  I did not like the overkill of Tropical teal.  I tried to emboss stars on the background that just did not work.   I did borders around the foiled card that make it look bulky.  The overall card looked unbalanced.

Make it work Challenge original

Here is my re-do

Make it work Challenge

I like the cleaner look with more white and the statement more centered.  This is a more clean and simple look that I find more attractive.

Thanks for looking!!!

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