Stamp-a-faire 2015 Friday Night Kickoff

Stamp a Fair Table

Well I made it to my sisters house for our annual Papertrey Ink Stamp-a-faire marathon!!!   We have already made a mess, so I had to clean it up to take this photo.  I decided since it was a project runway theme, I made some paperdolls sporting great fashions!!!

We started the day with ice tea and high hopes… We are now drinking the hard stuff.  Why you ask?  Well my brand new Minc machine does not work, my fashion card looks like crap….(guess I can use it for the redo portion of the stamp-a-faire), we ran out of plugs, we keep forgetting things in the other room.  Yikes, it just keeps getting worst.  However some champagne make the pain go away!!!

But tomorrow is another day, and a fun day it will be!!!!

See you all tomorrow!!!

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8 Responses to “Stamp-a-faire 2015 Friday Night Kickoff”

  1. Love the paper dolls! so cute! Such a great imagination to create them!

  2. Wish I was at my sister’s–I know you 2 are having fun! The paper dolls are beautiful!

  3. Those paperdolls are beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration. I have the most beautiful paper here that I could do something similar with. You have definitely inspired me. Have a great time at SAF 2015.

  4. Haha, sounds like you mixed in some fun with all those minor problems. Love those tags!

  5. Well now… champagne already? HaHa! I have to say that your paper dolls are just beautiful, I wish you all luck on Saturday with the rest of your projects, but if you keep drinking you won’t care if your projects come out or not. Make it work!

  6. Look at all those great supplies and your paper dolls are so cute! Love all those little ink cubes together too….so fun! Have a great time with your sister!!

  7. Love your runway inspired tags! And what a lovely tradition to stamp with your sister! Enjoy!!

  8. I love your tags!

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